Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)Our Customer Service Centre are always on hand to answer any queries you may have. However, below is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I open an account with BOC?

To open a new account with BOC you will need to complete an account application form. You can request your postal form by calling 1890 355 255 or by filling out a request online.  Once we have received and processed your fully completed application we will notify you and send you a Welcome Pack.

Alternatively, visit your nearest BOC outlet/agent, where you can complete the form and open your account immediately. Visit our Store Finder to locate your nearest store.

How can I order from BOC?

In order to trade with BOC, you will need to open an account. To place an order, or to request a new account application form, email us or call call 1890 355 255. When contacting us about a new order, please ensure that you quote your account number.

Once you are an account holder, not only can you enjoy all the benefits of BOC's outstanding customer service, but also access online help regarding your cylinder holdings, account balance and invoice history. 

Do you sell balloons and balloon gas?

Yes, we do.  Find out about our complete range of ready-to-use, all-in-one balloon and gas cylinder packages, as well as our range of balloons for special occasions. For more information, visit our Balloon Gas FAQs page.

What gas products can I buy from BOC?

BOC gases are used in many commercial and private industry sectors and across a range of diverse applications.

We supply over 20,000 compressed gases and mixtures.  The main industrial product groups include:

- Inert gases: Carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxygen-free (N2O), Pureshield argon (Ar)
- Fuel gases: Dissolve acetylene(C2H2), hydrogen (H2), propane(C3H8), Powerjet propylene (C3H6)
- Oxidant gases: Compressed air, oxygen (O2)
- Shielding gases: Alushield, Argoshield, Stainshield
- Laser and Assist gases 
- Refrigeration gases
- Cryogenic gases
- Foodfresh gases
- Balloon gas

BOC also supply non-industrial gas for medical use, hospitality and scientific research.

What non-gas products can I buy from BOC?

In addition to our standard gas products we also offer a range of complementary goods including gas equipment, arc equipment, filler materials, trade tools and safety products.

You can browse these products via the BOC Industrial Products Catalogue or on

Where can I find my nearest BOC outlet or agent?

You can use our online Store finder facility to locate your nearest BOC outlet, partner or agent. 

Where can I find useful technical information?

Below is a comprehensive list of technical information sources from BOC:

Technical library - online reference information and guidance about gas processes, materials used in cutting and welding, plus a handy set of online technical tools such as calculators and converters. All available on this website

Product information - online technical information about each of our gases is available on this website

Technical training and safety workshops - essential practical training for users of compressed gases

We also have a number of technical experts across the UK - if you would like to contact your local expert, call our customer service centre on 1890 355 255.

Where can I find current pricing information?

For information about our current pricing, please contact us on 1890 355 255.

How can I pay my invoice?

The preferred payment method for account purchases is via Direct Debit.  This gives you, the customer, an added bonus of allowing you five additional days credit.

Alternatively, you can pay via cheque, BACS or credit/debit card. 

In our outlets we also accept cash payment in addition to credit/debit cards.

Payment methods can also be viewed on the reverse of your invoice.

For more information visit our ways to pay section.

Does BOC offer a cylinder tracking service?

Yes BOC is introducing cylinder tracking in the UK and Ireland. For further information please visit our cylinder tracking web pages.