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BOC industrial gases
Our gases are used in many commercial and private industry sectors, across a range of diverse applications. Our product range covers inert gases, shielding gases, fuel gases, oxidant gases and laser and assist gases.
BOC Lorries parked outside of some Bulk Containers
BOC’s liquefied industrial gases include liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid argon and liquid carbon dioxide. They are supplied in large bulk volumes to customers by cryogenic tankers into onsite storage, for use in a wide variety of applications.
BOC refrigerant gases
BOC provides the widest range of refrigerant gases and recovery packages to the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, including all the natural refrigerants and leading alternatives to R22.
BOC hospitality
BOC Sureserve provides tried and trusted gas systems for reliable drinks dispense. Our product range include Suregas (carbon dioxide) and Suremix (carbon dioxide and nitrogen mised gases).
BOC balloon gas and equipment
BOC is the supplier of helium balloon gas to some of the biggest public events and street parades in the world, but we also cater for any event right down to a small party at home. We offer an extensive range of helium balloon gas, filling equipment, safety equipment and more.
BOC offers an unrivalled supply of pure gases, gas mixtures and products to suit a wide range of applications and market sectors plus many more can be customised to match your individual requirements.
BOC speciality equipment
Having spent time and effort selecting a gas of the correct purity or a mixture of the correct specification, it is also important to select the appropriate gas handling equipment to ensure there is no degradation of gas quality between the cylinder and delivery point.
BOC Dry Ice
Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide (CO2). It is made by compressing and cooling gaseous CO2 until it liquefies. Expansion converts the liquid into the snow form of the solid state. The snow is then compressed by a hydraulic press into dry ice blocks, slices or pellets.
Compressed-air-acetylene torch adjustable on both sides. LINDOFLAMM special torches.
Precision manufacturing processes call for tailored solutions that optimise productivity and efficiencies. BOC’s pioneering LINDOFLAMM® acetylene burners deliver both of these requirements, along with lower processing costs for a wide range of flame processes.
SURE™ oxygen enrichment technology can provide a cost-effective solution for increasing your plant's sulphur handling capacity. It can also solve the problems associated with contaminants such as ammonia and hydrocarbons.
Woman in laboratory holding a petri dish
Our knowledge of pharmaceutical processing and formulation technology provides a range of innovative products and applications to enhance the safety, quality and productivity of your processes.
BOC Food Preservation Products
BOC have a range of products designed for food applications and processes. Our solutions include Food grade gases, gas equipment, safety products, technical services and many more.
BOC Healthcare
BOC Healthcare is Ireland's leading supplier of medical gases, associated equipment and related services for healthcare professionals. Throughout hospitals, ambulance services, treatment centres, GP surgeries, homecare, veterinary and dental practices, a wide range of medical gases are used to provide crucial care and improve the lives of patients.
BOC industrial products
Our product range covers gas equipment, arc equipment, welding consumables, refrigeration equipment, trade tools, abrasives, industrial valves and welding safety equipment.
Industrial Catalogue
View BOC’s Industrial Products catalogue to find out more about our gas equipment, welding consumables and trade tools.
BOC safety products
We specialise in personal protection and workplace safety products. Our aim is to protect your workforce and hence ultimately your business. Our product range includes head protection, eye and face protection, hearing protection, respiratory protection, gloves, skin care, clothing and footwear.
BOC Cryogenic Equipment and Storage Vessels
BOC offers a carefully selected range of equipment to use with cryogenic gases. Many items are available to rent as well as buy. Our product range includes dewars and accessories for handling liquid nitrogen and cryogenic vessels for liquid delivery and storage.
BOC packaged chemicals
BOC is the leading provider of gaseous process chemicals. We have the largest range of packages, products and services in the UK and Ireland.
BOC healthcare equipment
BOC has all the equipment you need to make optimal use of your medical gas supplies. whether in the cylinder store, in transporting gas or in delivering therapy direct to patients.
BOC gas supply options
Gas Supply Options for industrial gases, speciality gases, dispense gas, helium gas and food preservation gases.
Image of 3 vivantos cylinders in a row
At BOC, we are continuously developing our cylinder packages to meet varying market requirements. Higher pressures, digital displays and newly designed guards and valves provide more gas, cylinder intelligence and easier portability, whilst not affecting safety.
Image of the 10L and 20L GENIE cylinders with a black rim indicating nitrogen is stored.
Available in 10L or 20L, the new GENIE® gas cylinder contains 30% more gas than a standard steel cylinder and it uses digital display technology to tell you how much gas it contains.
Sureserve cylinder in Ireland being scanned by cylinder tracking scanner
BOC offers a pioneering gas cylinder tracking system that enables us to operate the most effective and fully-integrated gas cylinder tracking service available in the market today.
BOC products services A-Z
To find out more about any of our products or services use the a to z list to find what you are looking for.

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