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  • colourless fuel gas with a naturally pungent smell.
  • similar to propane but has a double bond which gives it a combustion advantage.
  • non-toxic (but may cause dizziness in high concentrations).
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Application and use

  • can be used for heating and cutting in place of propane (but is generally less economical).
  • widely used as a fuel gas for the High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) processes, because of the higher heat of combustion and flame temperature.
  • widely used in the chemical and plastics industries.

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Please note:

 The following hazards are associated with Powerjet propylene:

  • highly combustible, having explosive limits in the air of between 2% and 10.5% by volume
  • will ignite and burn instantly from a spark or piece of hot metal
  • requires minimal energy to ignite in oxygen
  • heavier than air so will collect in ducts, drains and low-lying levels, forming an explosion hazard

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