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Legislation and best operating practices often require the operators of refrigeration and air conditioning systems to prevent leakage of fluorinated gases, to repair any detected leak as soon as possible, and to check the leak repair within a month to ensure it has been effective.

BOC products are designed to help the service engineer perform this essential maintenance efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Pressure Testing Gases
We offer the following gases for pressure testing and to aid leak detection:

Nitrogen (oxygen free / OFN) is the gas most commonly used to pressure test systems prior to refrigerant charge, or as part of servicing following refrigerant recovery. 

Nitrogen/Helium Mix
These mixtures are supplied in easy-carry small cylinders fitted with a standard industrial valve. A nitrogen/helium mix provides the following benefits:

  • improved detection. It can detect much smaller leaks due to the size of the test gas molecules. Helium molecules are far smaller than nitrogen molecules and so are better able to pick up small leaks in a refrigeration system.

  • safe and easy to use, inert and non-flammable. The leak detection mix is compatible with all standard pressure testing equipment (including nitrogen regulators) and is suitable for leak testing any size of refrigeration system.

  • cost effective. By reducing the amount of refrigerant gas lost from the system, this improved leak detection gas will reduce the number, as well as the cost, of call-outs.

Supply Modes & Package Specifications

Product codeCylinder sizeCylinder capacity