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Features & Benefits

  • operates at similar pressures to R22 and R407C
  • similar volumetric refrigerating effect to R22 and R407C
  • can be used in a R22 or R407C compressor or a specific CARE® 50 compressor
  • can be used with R22 or R407C heat exchangers and expansion devices
  • compatible with most common refrigeration materials and lubricants

Application & Use

For use in commercial and industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning systems where R22 has traditionally been used.

This gas is available in a variety of cylinder sizes and drums. Our most popular sizes are shown in the table below.

Supply Modes & Package Specifications

Product codeCylinder contentsValve outlet (1)
149301-3KG3 kg1 ¼” ACME
149301-12KG12 kg1 ¼” ACME
149301-46KG46 kg1 ¼” ACME

(1)  CARE valve adapters required - part 849351A

Further Information

BOC and HRP only sell CARE hydrocarbons to those engineers who have successfully completed BOC's safe hydrocarbon handling course. Please see our training page for details.

CARE® is a registered trademark of The Linde Group.