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BOC is Ireland's leading supplier of natural refrigerants to the refrigeration and air conditioning industry and has a wealth of experience and expertise in environmentally-friendly refrigerants.

Natural refrigerants are chemicals which occur in nature's bio-chemical processes.  They do not deplete the ozone layer and make negligible (or zero in the case of R-717 ammonia) contribution to global warming. 

Their high efficiency means they make a much lower, indirect contribution to global warming than many synthetic refrigerants.

Going natural

A number of factors will influence your choice of refrigerant.  Natural refrigerants from BOC can satisfy many criteria, such as:

  • regulatory compliance.  Our natural refrigerants are not subject to the Montreal Protocol or F-Gas regulations; they comply with all applicable Ireland and EU regulations and standards
  • low environmental impact.  They have zero ODP and minimal GWP
  • quality assurance.  Our products and packages comply with highest quality and safety standards
  • high performance.  They demonstrate good thermodynamic properties and COP
  • widespread availability.  Local delivery and collection is available
  • long-term viability.  These items are not subject to phase-out controls
  • compatibility.  BOC natural refrigerants work well with widely available components, oils and other fluids

Further information

  • natural refrigerants are not generally considered retrofit solutions in existing systems
  • in this increasingly complex industry, BOC's refrigerants team are on hand to provide information and technical expertise on the range of products available
  • we can offer guidance on regulatory matters, product detail and applications

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