Laser Gas Equipment - LAS PDSChangeover manifold for laser assist gases.

The LAS PDS changeover manifold is designed to connect two cylinders to a single outlet, allowing continuity of supply whilst an empty cylinder is changed. For helium, nitrogen and carbon dioxide lasing gases.


BOC Laser Gas Equipment - LAS PDS - Automatic changeover manifold for continuity of gas supply
- Effective two stage regulation for controllable and stable outlet pressures
- Stainless steel diaphragms
- Flexible hoses with non return valves to connect to cylinders
- Interstage relief valve
- Delivery pressures to 8 bar with outlet pressure gauge (13 bar) 


  • Body: Chrome plated forged brass
  • Valve seat/seals: Brass,viton
  • Seat return spring: Stainless steel
  • Filter: 10 micron stainless steel
  • Seals: Nylon
  • Operating temperature: -17 to +57°C 
  • Dimensions: 230 x 250mm excluding hoses
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 207 bar
  • Flow rate: Cv=0.05

Select the model you require:

ModelOutlet pressure bar (psi)Relief valve setting bar (psi)Changeover pressure bar
LAS PDS0-8.6 (0-125)set to open at 27 bar (400 psi)11.3 - 13.7

Additional options

Standard Supply  
600mm flexible hoses with cylinder connections and non return valves
Cylinder contents gauges
Automatic changeover unit and final regulator
Outlet pressure gauge
1/4"compression fitting outlet 


HI-Inlet isolation valve
IV-Isolation valve on outlet
R-Outlet relief valve  

How to order

ALWAYS specify gas or mixture to be used: 

  1. Select model eg.LAS PDS
  2. Select inlet connection eg.BS3
  3. Select outlet connection  eg.1/4" compression fitting (for copper tube)
  4. Select any options eg.HI,IV,R   

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