HP1500T SeriesHP1500T is a single-stage, tied-diaphragm regulator.


BOC regulators hp1500 series - tied diaphragm for positive shut-off
- precise pressure control
- minimal particle generation
- all-welded diaphragm
- outlet diaphragm-seal valve fitted as standard
- compression fitting outlet for 1/4" od tube


  • body:  316L stainless steel  
  • seat:  PCTFE
  • diaphragm:  316L stainless steel
  • operating temperature:  -40°C to +65°C 
  • weight:  2.0kg
  • surface finish: 15-20 microinch standard
  • maximum inlet pressure:  240 bar (or as limited by inlet gauge and components)
  • flow rate:  Cv = 0.04

Select the model you require:

Outlet pressure bar (psi)Outlet gauge bar (psi)Model required
0-2 (0-30)30" vac-0-4 (30” vac-0-60)HP1500T
0-5.2 (0-75)30" vac-0-7 (30" vac-0-100)HP1501T

Additional Options

OptionUseModels available
Purge assemblyTo purge toxic, corrosive or high purity gases from the regulator body to prevent accidental exposure and maintain process gas purityBody purge (P), Cross purge (CPS), Lever valve cross purge (LPS)
Relief valveFor system overpressure protectionRelief valve (outlet)
FilterParticle removal down to 0.3 micronF10S (inlet), F11S (outlet)
Excess flow valveWill shut off system when flow rate exceeds preset levelEFV190

How to order

ALWAYS specify gas or mixture to be used:

  1. select model e.g. HP1500T, HP1501T
  2. select inlet gauge e.g. GG (300 bar), GL(70 bar), GE (28 bar), GU (14bar)
  3. select inlet connection e.g. BS6, DIN8 etc.
  4. select any inlet options e.g. cross purge, body purge, excess flow valve
  5. select outlet connection e.g. 1/4" compression fitting (standard)
  6. select any outlet options e.g. relief valve, filters (FBL)

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