Pure GasesBOC offers a wide range of pure gases to suit your application. All pure gases are classified by grade, so you can be certain that the purity level suits your individual requirements.

The first digit of the classification indicates the number of nines purity (for example, N3.0 = 99.9% purity)

The second digit is the number following the last nine (for example N4.8 Nitrogen has a guaranteed minimum purity of 99.998% and a corresponding maximum impurity level of 0.002% or 20ppm).

Our HiQ high purity gases are suitable for any application where impurity control is important, for example: chromatography, process controls, pharmaceutical applications or gas detection.

Our portfolio of high purity gases contains more than 100 products - find out more about the products we can supply to suit your process.

Our extensive portfolio of Pure Gases includes:

Air Gases

Air gases, for example NitrogenOxygen and ArgonHydrogen,  and Carbon Dioxide are available in a variety of grades from N4.6 – N6.0 to suit your application.

Rare Gases

Rare gases such as Neon, Krypton and Xenon are held in specific cylinder packages and amounts. Alternative units can be sourced upon request. Please contact us on 1890 355 255 for further information.

Find out more about the uses of Krypton and Xenon for double glazing applications and sealed unit manufacturing.


Deuterium and other isotopic products can be sourced on request and many of these are available through BOC SPECTRA Products.

Please contact us on 1890 355 255 or visit our SPECTRA Isotopic Gas pages for further information.

Hydrocarbon products

Hydrocarbon products including Methane, Ethane, Natural GasPropane and others are held in stock in a variety of purities and package sizes to suit your requirements. Please call us on 1890 355 255 for more information.

Electronic Gases

Electronic Gases, such as halocarbon products (H14, H23, H116, H218), Sulphur Hexafluoride and DuPont materials (such as Silane, Dichlorosilane and other Silane derivatives) can be sourced as pure materials, as can Etchant and corrosive gases such as Boron Trifluoride and Hydrogen Chloride on request.

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