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They are designed for anyone involved in the use, handling, storage or transportation of compressed gas cylinders and are essential for all managers, supervisors, inspectors and personnel who work with gases and oxygen-fuel equipment.

They are also indispensable for those who help shape safety policy within their organisation.


  • training is delivered by highly-skilled, industry-trained, experienced course directors
  • training is managed on-site where it is directly applied and related to the delegates' work environment
  • a wide variety of courses and workshops are available, covering many different aspects of gas usage
  • on-site training can be more cost-effective than having to accommodate personnel away from the workplace

Who should attend?

  • anyone responsible for using, handling, storing or transporting compressed gas cylinders; both gas and oxy-fuel
  • managers and other personnel with an operational responsibility for safety
  • managers, supervisors and staff from all functions who are responsible for the safe use of compressed gas cylinders within their area of work

Awareness workshops

Course objectives

In addition to the specific objectives of each workshop, on completion of the course each delegate will be able to:

  • correctly identify gas cylinders
  • recognise the hazards associated with gases
  • understand the hazards posed by oxygen enrichment
  • identify flammability hazards
  • select the correct gas control equipment
  • recognise the hazards associated with handling gas cylinders
  • re-assess current storage facilities in the light of safe working practice
  • become pro-active in assessing risk when using gas cylinders
  • introduce safe working practices into the working environment

Awareness workshops range

  • industrial gases safety awareness
  • laboratory gases safety awareness
  • cryogenic gases safety awareness
  • propane / LPG safety awareness
  • inert gases safety awareness
  • safe manual handling of gas cylinders
  • welding/shielding gases safety awareness

Practical workshops

In addition to the specific objectives of each workshop, on completion of the course each delegate will be able to:

  • correctly identify gas cylinders
  • identify potential hazards and defects on gas regulators
  • identify the functional differences between single and multi-stage regulators
  • understand how to correctly fit a regulator to a cylinder valve
  • recognise the need to open cylinder valves slowly
  • recognise the hazards involved when handling gas cylinders
  • understanding the need to use correct cylinder trolleys

Practical workshops range

  • oxy-fuel system maintenance inspection
  • oxy-fuel system set-up and pre-use check
  • connecting regulators and manual handling cylinders
  • liquid nitrogen decanting practical
  • safe manual handling of gas cylinders 

For more information or to book call 1890 355 255 or email us