Cryogenic Food Freezers - CRYOLINE

Whether you are freezing and chilling bakery products from high temperatures, delicate marinated products or need a solution that will cope with high volumes but don’t have the floor space, BOC’s CRYOLINE® range of freezers can meet your needs.

Cabinet Freezing

Cabinet freezing delivers a high output while having a low space requirement

Cabinet freezers are designed for batch freezing and chilling processes where an in-line system is not appropriate. It is especially useful for freezing and chilling prepared foods, bakery products, seafood, meat products, large-size products and products requiring long retention times. 

Cabinet freezers can also be used to store frozen or chilled products.

Individual Quick Freezing (IQF)

Provides best in class individually quick frozen results for a wide variety of food products

IQF processes and their related products benefit from the fast crust freezing delivered by liquid nitrogen to prevent undesired clumping, combined with the efficient cryogenic application to achieve the complete freeze.

This produces a high quality product that preserves taste, texture and locks in moisture that producers are able to process at volumes up to 2,700kg per hour.

Liquid Food

Quickly cool or freeze large volumes of liquid foods such as sauces into pellets

BOC’s state-of-the art sauce pellet freezer uses cryogenic gases and in-line processing to boost productivity by turning sauces, purees and other liquids into pellets.

Our freezer produces individually quick frozen (IQF) pellets in a regular size with high repeatability, opening up many possibilities for the modern food processor.

Spiral Freezing

Offers the highest quality of freeze for large product volumes, in a small footprint

Spiral freezing offers the highest quality of freeze for large product volumes, in a small footprint.

For those customers with limited manufacturing floor space, a cryogenic spiral freezer can be the ideal solution for increasing their freezing or chilling capacity.

As the freezer belt self-stacks into a spiral rather than moving in a linear fashion through a tunnel, you are able to achieve higher volumes in a compact footprint.

Tunnel Freezing

Cryogenic inline tunnel freezers are the practical yet flexible solution for a vast range of product types.

Tunnel freezers are one of the most flexible food freezing and chilling solutions available to producers, able to deal with an extremely wide range of product types whilst maintaining the optimum freeze quality expected from cryogenics.

Designed with flexibility in mind, tunnel freezers have three different belt widths in addition to a modular construction.

They are available in lengths from 5m to 14m, allowing customers to tailor the optimum solution that meets the needs of their products as well as working within the constraints of their production floor space.

The CRYOLINE® range of tunnel freezers are engineered with high-speed internal fans and precise control over both the gas injection system as well as the exhaust levels.

This allows for optimisation of the cryogenic gas use, giving you the best freeze quality with realistic operating costs.