Glass Processing Solutions

BOC has developed a suite of industry-leading technologies to support both glass melting and glass forming processes

Glass Processing Solutions

By working closely with the glass industry for several decades, BOC has developed a strong technical understanding of the industry and a suite of industry-leading technologies that are aimed at extracting the most out of your glass factory.


BOC has a strong end-to-end understanding of the glass manufacturing process and supports both glass melting and glass forming processes.

Glass Melting

Our melting technologies harness the benefits of oxygen to increase combustion efficiency, enhance glass quality and reduce emissions.

CGM® Convective Glass Melting: Increase glass melting through roof mounted oxy-fuel burner technology.

COROX® Hotspot Boost: Improve quality and increase productivity for end-port furnaces.

COROX® LowNOx: Reduce emissions below 800 mg /m3.

Glass Forming

BOC’s range of flame polishing technologies eliminate the need for etching premium glass, thus paving way for a cleaner and safer working environment. Our solutions have been used by some of the most famous premium glass and art manufacturers worldwide.

HYDROPOX®: Highly automated high quality glass polishing.

CARBOFLAM®: Mould coating for beverage, cosmetic and tableware.

Supply Systems

Our technologies are based on harnessing the benefits of industrial gases such as oxygen, hydrogen and dissolved acetylene to improve your processes.

Depending on your individual needs, BOC is able to offer you a range of supply solutions that are best suited for you.