Equipment & Accessories

BOC offers a broad portfolio of equipment and accessories for arc welding, balloon filling, grinding, cutting and cylinder storage and transport. You’re sure to find the product you need in our extensive online selection.

Cutting Equipment

Explore our extensive line-up of high-quality gas cutting equipment. From torches, liners and shanks to cutting attachments and nozzles, we’ve got everything you need to achieve outstanding cutting results every time.

Flashback arrestor

We stock a broad range of flashback arrestors for oxygen and fuel gases. Designed to the highest quality standards, our arrestors will help you maintain a safe and healthy welding environment at all times.

Gauges & Flowmeters

Our easy-to-read gas flowmeters and gauges are precision-engineered to provide accurate measurements and gas flow rates. These robust, long-lasting products are designed to optimise your MIG and TIG welding processes.

Fittings & connectors

Our portfolio of gas fittings includes medium-and light-duty mixers as well as hoses and connectors. Our hoses conform to BS EN 1256 specifications and are available in different lengths and with different connections.

Gas Storage

Our portfolio of cylinder accessories includes extendable handles, trolleys, cylinder bags, plugs and portable stands – everything you need for easy, safe cylinder handling and storage.

Welding & Arc

With one of the most extensive ranges of quality filler materials and consumables in the industry, our portfolio extends from electrodes, wires and fluxes to ‘o’ tips and lugs – all available online.

Trade Tools

Choose from our wide range of hand tools, including hammers, tape measures, clamps and other traditional equipment. All products are from premium brands and manufacturers and are available with next-day delivery.


At BOC you will find a broad choice of cutting and grinding discs for different materials and applications, including structural steel and roof tiles. These high-quality abrasives guarantee excellent performance at a low price.

Balloon Filling Kits

Choose from our wide selection of balloon gas kits. These easy-to-use kits can be used with different valve sizes and balloon types – making balloon filling child’s play whatever your capacity and venue needs.

    • From €16.85 per item
      (incl. VAT)

    • From €39.95 per cylinder
      (incl. VAT)

    • €128.65 per cylinder
      (incl. VAT)