BOC’s broad portfolio of healthcare products includes gases, defibrillators, regulators, cryosurgery products and safety accessories for applications in the fields of anaesthesia, intensive care, obstetrics and pulmonology.

Healthcare Gas

We offer a wide range of medical gases in different cylinder sizes and manifold cylinder pallets to ensure security of supply for medical applications ranging from anaesthesia and intensive care to obstetrics and pulmonology.


We supply a range of semi- and fully automated external defibrillators (AEDs) from leading manufacturers. These robust, easy-to-use devices are designed to treat adults and children who have suffered a cardiac arrest.

Defibrillator Accessories

Explore our defibrillator accessory offering from leading manufacturers. We supply a wide range of robust, easy-to-use products for automated external defibrillators that are sure to meet your resuscitation needs.

Storage & handling

From cylinder bags and holders to cylinder racks, trolleys and wheels, our portfolio of cost-effective cylinder storage and handling products offers everything you need to safely and easily store and transport cylinders.


Our selection of cryosurgery devices and accessories contains everything you need to safely use liquid nitrogen for cryosurgery and skin treatment, including handheld devices, gloves, goggles and O2 deficiency monitors.

Safety Accessories

Explore our portfolio of safety accessories, including safety signs, terminal unit plugs and a lifeline mount bracket and sign. Our range of premium products is designed to enhance safety levels in healthcare facilities.

Lifeline® Consumables

We stock a wide range of Lifeline® consumables from masks, tubing and carry bags to airways and manual aspirators – in short, everything you need to administer oxygen, manage airways and support patient breathing.

Oxygen Therapy Consumables

We supply a wide range of robust, easy-to-use products from venturi and aerosol masks to oxygen tubes to aid maximising patient comfort.

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