Rent and go

See how you can benefit from rent-and-go:

Reliable partner

- Get access to our broad product range

- Benefit from our large scope of services

- We offer extensive technical and safety support

- You have the convenience of a dense network of retail outlets and agents with one-stop shopping at selected stores

Latest technologies

- We invest in new cylinder packages for you

- You have access to state-of-the-art technologies such as lightweight cylinders and high-tech valves

- We constantly innovate new technologies to add value to your business

Safety first

- No need to worry about testing your cylinders and valves – we do it for you

- We look after cylinder repair and replacements

- With us, you can work according to the highest safety standards

Zero investment

- We invest in cylinders for you – meaning no cylinder purchasing or deposit costs

- You don’t need to hold extra cylinders during maintenance and testing

- We free up your time so you can get on with the job at hand

Flexible solution

- You are free to select and swap between gas types and cylinder sizes

- You can choose to pick up from any of our retail outlets or agents or have your cylinders delivered

- Pricing is flexible, adapting to your consumption

We make rental easy. Focus on your business - let us look after the rest.