PPE & Workwear

Browse our online catalogue for our range of workplace safety equipment and products.

Head Protection

BOC offers a wide range of head protection in the form of safety helmets and hats, bump caps and accessories. Next day delivery is available on our head protection range.

Eye & Face Protection

BOC offers a wide range of general and prescription safety goggles and visors, face shields, specialist laser eyewear, welding helmets and accessories, to ensure your workforce has appropriate eye and face protection.

Ear Protection

It is vital that employers protect their employees from noise in the workplace. Our range of ear plugs and ear defenders are designed to cope with varying noise levels and are available for next day delivery.

Respiratory Protection

Under EU law, employers must provide appropriate respiratory protection to employees who are at risk of respiratory hazards. BOC supply an extensive range of respirators and masks to ensure your employees are protected.

Hand Protection (Gloves)

Employers must provide adequate hand protection to anyone at risk in the work environment. BOC stock a variety of safety gloves for various industrial and working scenarios.


Skincare protection and cleansers safeguard workers from harmful germs, and protect those working in wet conditions and fluctuating temperatures. BOC offers the highest standards of skincare protection.


Shop our range of safety wear, high visibility jackets and protective clothing. Our safety wear comes in a range of sizes and there are styles for both men and women.

Safety Footwear

Our foot protection range includes brands such as Steel Blue, Dewalt and Howler. Our safety shoes and boots have features including steel toecaps and waterproofing, with a variety of sizes available.

Workplace Safety

Our extensive range of workplace safety equipment is designed to safeguard employees. From first aid kits to fire extinguishers and warning labels to welding curtains, BOC stock all you need for a safe working environment.

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