Gas by Use

BOC supply a variety of industrial gases for various processes including welding, purging, refrigerant and fuel. We supply multiple sizes of gas cylinders and many come complete with an integrated high-pressure regulator.

Fuel Gas

BOC stocks a wide range of fuel gas including Propane, Acetylene and Hydrogen. They are supplied in multiple cylinder sizes to ensure there is one to meet your requirements.

Welding Gas

Explore our range of welding gases, available in a variety of cylinder sizes. We also stock cylinder pallets for your convenience. Contact us on Live Chat for more information.

Purging Gas

We stock a range of purging gas cylinders in various capacities and our lightweight version comes with 30% more gas than the standard steel equivalent.

Refrigerant Gas

Our range of refrigerant gases can be used for transport, commercial and industrial air conditioning and refrigeration. If you can't find what you are looking for, contact us on Live Chat.

Speciality Gas

The speciality gases range does not represent BOC’s full range of cylinder sizes, certification levels and specifications. If the product you are interested in is not shown then please contact us on 0800 02 0800, or

Healthcare Gas

BOC supplies medical gases that are used from anaesthesia and intensive care to obstetrics and pulmonology.

Food Preservation Gas

BOC supplies food preservation gas and modified atmosphere gas, including food fresh pre-mixtures, supplied in a variety of cylinder sizes. If you can't find what you are looking for, contact us on Live Chat.


Helium is an extremely versatile gas due to its favourable physical and chemical properties. BOC supply Helium gas in a variety of cylinder sizes.

Balloon Gas

BOC supply Balloon gas in a variety of cylinder sizes to suit your needs.

    • From €15.90 per item
      (incl. VAT)

    • From €36.90 per cylinder
      (incl. VAT)

    • €121.25 per cylinder
      (incl. VAT)