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We've got some great Summer offers on gas equipment and workwear, including our new range of Steel Blue Boots, hand and eye protection and welding machines. Shop now.


Shop our great deals on workwear - including our coveralls.

Safety Goggles & Face Protection

Shop our offers on selected Umatta Safety Goggles & Face Protection. Shop online now

Equipment and Accessories

BOC offers a broad portfolio of equipment and accessories. Shop our offers now.

Disposable Helium Balloon Gas

Inflate up to 50 x 9” balloons with our disposable cylinder range perfect for parties, just inflate your balloons and dispose of the cylinder. Option to purchase a package which includes latex balloons is available.

Safety Boots

Shop our range of offers on safety boots. Buy now

Hand Protection

Explore our range of gloves to find the right protection for your hands.

Welding Machines

BOC supply a range of welding machines to suit your needs. Shop our deals now!

    • From €16.20 per item
      (incl. VAT)

    • From €38.40 per cylinder
      (incl. VAT)

    • €123.70 per cylinder
      (incl. VAT)