Liquid Carbon Dioxide

Liquid carbon dioxide is recovered from a variety of sources sources such as ammonia and hydrogen plants, purified and liquefied

It is delivered to our customers in liquid form, into onsite storage, for use in high-volume customer applications.

Carbon dioxide is stored as a liquid in a specialised vessels which can provide several days' supply and be used on demand as either a liquid or gas.


  • Refrigerated liquefied gas
  • Boiling point -78.5o C
  • Gas/vapour heavier than air
  • Odourless and colourless
  • Stable under normal circumstances


  • Carbon dioxide: 99.9%v/v
  • Moisture: 20 ppm
  • Oxygen: 30 ppm
  • Carbon monoxide: 5 ppm
  • NOx (each): 2.5 ppm
  • Ammonia: 2.5 ppm
  • Total hydrocarbons (as methane): 50 ppm
  • Benzene: 0.02
  • Acetaldehyde: 0.2
  • Total sulphur (as S): 0.1 ppm
  • Non-volatile organic residues: 5 ppm
  • Non-volatile residues: 10 ppm
  • Acidity: To pass JEFCA test
  • Taste and odour in water: No foreign.
Please note:
  1. All figures are expressed in parts per million (ppm) by volume unless otherwise stated
  2. This specification conforms with the EIGA guideline specification IGC 70/99/EFD "Carbon Dioxide Source Certification, Quality Standards and Verification"
  3. Analysis methods comply, where applicable, with IGC/70/99 guidelines
  4. The product complies with the requirements (E290) of EC Directive 2000/63/EC on food additives and with European Pharmacopeia.

Applications and use

Carbon dioxide’s properties give it a key role across many industries such as:

Food and Beverages For chilling and freezing, for carbonation and dispensing of beverages, for food extraction, for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and for dry ice for in-transit refrigeration.
Chemicals As a replacement for CFCs in foamed plastics production.
Electronics Use of snow cleaning for devices.
Healthcare To treat respiratory disorders and for surgical dilation.
Environment, water, and waste For drinking water treatment and wastewater pH control.