Laser Gas Solutions

Helping our laser customers to grow by delivering, maintaining and updating tailored cost effective laser gas solutions to support future plans

Laser cutting of high alloyed steel with nitrogen (N2)

With over 40 years of experience as a supplier of laser gases , we work closely with customers and laser manufacturers to improve all laser fabrication processes and support future developments. Whatever the laser and the process used - from laser cutting of thick or thin plate stainless and mild steels to welding of aluminium alloys - we can provide expert guidance and capability in laser gases to increase productivity and reduce cost.

Our range of solutions for the laser industry provide the right combination of:

  • Reduced downtime – continuous and reliable supply options and equipment
  • Maximisation of laser lifetime – high purity lasing gases
  • Improved productivity – a range of supply options that can meet different process requirements to give best output
  • Improved quality and efficiency – the right type and purity of gas with the right supply option to give best results

BOC are the only company who can offer our laser customers an exhaustive range of supply solutions, allowing us to impartially assess the best supply mode to suit your needs.

Laser gases include:

Compressed cylinders

Supplying the most extensive range of laser gas mixtures from high purity gases to pre-mixed gases.

These are either used as an assist gas or more commonly as lasing gases.

Manifold cylinder pallets

Manifold cylinder pallets

Typically containing 15 cylinders, recommended for lower volume users or new laser installations, allowing the customer to gauge volume requirements.

Assist gases include:

Cryospeed liquid supply

Liquid product delivered directly into cryogenic vessels on-site that's ideal for customers who have larger volume requirements, but don't want the hassle of manual handling that comes with cylinder supply. 

Bulk liquid supply

The most cost effective cryogenic solution for continuous supply of large volume gases at medium to high pressure.


BOC's on site gas generation solution for oxygen and nitrogen provides a continuous, independent and reliable gas supply.

From commissioning to installation, BOC offers turnkey solutions that include service, maintenance and back-up alternatives to ensure security of supply and peace of mind.

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