Medical Gases and Equipment

Choose BOC for innovative and reliable medical gas solutions to enhance patient care and ensure regulatory compliance

Medical Gases & Equipment

BOC is the leading UK supplier of medical gas products and services.

As a major partner to the medical sector, we develop medical gases that meet the specific needs of medical professionals and patients.

Proud of our commitment to quality care, BOC maintains the highest standards for pharmaceutical and medical device regulations, with marketing authorisations and special licences for supplying bespoke medical gases.

We ensure safe and accurate medical gas and equipment delivery for optimal patient care and provide technical and safety training.

Our medical gas cylinder services and solutions support healthcare providers at every stage. We also serve patients at home with our home oxygen service.

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A complete range of licensed medical gases

Our range of medical gases includes different cylinder sizes and technology, ensuring a safe and secure supply for medical applications in fields such as anaesthesia, intensive care, obstetrics, and pulmonology.

Medical oxygen

Used for resuscitation, inhalation therapy, life support, and reducing surgical wound infections. Also used to support most anaesthetic techniques and improve oxygen availability in a range of conditions, including cardio-pulmonary disease, trauma, shock, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Synthetic medical air

Used as a replacement for contaminated air, a carrier gas for anaesthesia, a power source for pneumatic equipment, and to provide controlled airflow in ventilators and incubators.

Medical carbon dioxide

Used for increasing depth of anaesthesia, intubation, vasodilation, cerebral blood flow, respiratory stimulation, and investigations, as well as for minimally invasive surgery and tissue freezing techniques.

Medical helium

Used with 21% oxygen to improve gas flow for patients with severe respiratory obstruction or to prevent atelectasis. It’s also used in lung function tests with various concentrations of air or oxygen.

Medical nitrous oxide

Used together with inhalation anaesthetics, for pain relief in emergencies and short-term medical procedures, in dental work, and occasionally in laparoscopy.


Used to relieve pain during medical procedures and tests, including labour. It’s commonly used for acute trauma, dental work, procedures involving pain and to temporarily relieve pain from surgical or medical conditions.

Medical equipment for every need

Along with medical gases, BOC supplies a range of medical equipment, storage solutions and products specially designed to support healthcare professionals and patients.

Gas control

Medical regulators and flowmeters

Our single and multi-stage regulators ensure precise pressure control in medical settings and work with a wide range of gases and cylinder types.

Cryogenic devices and accessories

Everything you need to safely use liquid nitrogen for cryosurgery and skin treatment, including handheld devices, gloves, goggles, and oxygen deficiency monitors.

Medical supplies

Emergency care

Defibrillators, lifeline supplies, pulse oximetry equipment, and other accessories.

Gas therapy equipment

Demand valves, oxygen therapy supplies, and FireSafe equipment.

Storage and handling

Cages, trolleys, and related accessories

Cylinder carriers, gas bottle stands, antibacterial bags, safety chain sets, and lockable vaults for storing hazardous chemicals and flammables.

Workplace safety

Welding curtains, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, warning labels, and everything you need to protect your employees.

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Additional resources

Useful links

Integral valve cylinders
BOC’s range of cylinders with built-in valves for easy and safe dispensing of gas.

LIV IQ digital therapy devices
Intelligent portable gas delivery system with integrated valve and digital display.

Bespoke emergency information signs for areas where medical gases are stored or used.

Regulations and classifications
Guidance on rules and categories, as well as cylinder storage and handling for a safer workplace.

Medical gas data sheets
Information on safe handling, storage, and usage of BOC gases.

Patient information leaflets
Instructional materials to help patients and caregivers handle and use medical gases and equipment safely.

User guides

Pin Index IFU (pdf)
Proper handling and use of specific medical gas cylinders.

Bullnose IFU (pdf)
Correct handling and application of medical gas cylinders with bullnose fittings.

Ambulance IFU (pdf)
Handling medical gas cylinders and equipment in ambulances safely.

Entonox IFU (pdf)
Safe handling and use of Entonox cylinders.

Integral valve IFU (pdf)
Proper handling and use of medical gas cylinders with integral valves.

Cylinder data chart (pdf)
Specifications and dimensions of gas cylinders used in various industries.

Integral valve oxygen cylinder operation (YouTube video)
Step-by-step guide on how to safely operate BOC oxygen cylinders with integral valves.

Why buy medical gases and equipment from BOC?

  • Over 135 years of industry experience

  • 400,000 customers trust BOC with their gas​​

  • ​​​Largest delivery fleet in the UK & Ireland wholly owned by BOC​​

We put safety first in everything we do

Our continuous investment in training and processes enables us to achieve best-in-class levels of safety and environmental performance. Our commitment to safety in supplies, practices, and people inspires absolute confidence in our services.

We’re a partner you can truly rely on

With over 135 years of trust and credibility, we've set the industry standard for superior services and products, fair pricing, and engineering expertise. Our national distribution network and 500-strong delivery fleet ensure a secure gas supply, bringing you absolute peace of mind.

We offer an unrivalled range of products

We're dedicated to innovation, providing advanced solutions for today's needs. With a wide range of gas products, from cylinders to bespoke pipelines, you'll find what you need in our online shop - just the way you want it and when you want it.

We’re driven by excellence and quality

By investing in new technology, evolving our processes, and providing superior technical training, we can offer the purest and highest quality products. Expect extensive knowledge and exceptional customer service.