Heavy Machinery

Optimal gases, hard goods and services to make your yellow goods or agricultural machinery processes cost-effective and flexible

Heavy Machinery

Whether you are small family-run agricultural machinery company or a large multinational yellow goods manufacturer, BOC will provide you with optimal gases, hard goods and services to make your processes cost-effective and flexible, achieving high productivity and product durability.

The heavy machinery/ yellow goods segment extends from construction and earth-moving equipment through quarrying machines to fork-lift trucks and agricultural vehicles. All of these machines have highly specialised engineering requirements due to the difficult environment they have to operate in.

The durability and reliability of your equipment is critical to your customers and the quality of welding and metal preparation play a significant part in the delivery of these benefits.

In many cases the products must be adjusted or even re-designed to comply with specific customer demands or tight industry norms. This might involve the use of special materials, innovative designs and technologies.

In addition, as competition from countries such as India and China intensifies, manufacturers in this sector are challenged to maximise productivity and cost efficiencies.

The right products and advice where and when you need it

At BOC, we understand fully the range and nature of challenges that your company is facing. Our expertise comes from years of supplying yellow goods companies in the UK and beyond.

We cover the full spectrum, with dedicated gas solutions for any process from fully automated laser welding systems for industrial-scale plants to manual welding solutions for repair shops.

Our engineering experts will advise you on the welding and cutting solutions that help you reach your productivity and quality targets as cost-effectively as possible. And we bundle our extensive product, equipment and supply system portfolio with the benefits of nationwide delivery and service capabilities.

Safety training is particularly important – we can show your staff how to properly install and handle the industrial gases you need.

No matter how small or large your business is, with BOC’s gases and products you can be sure to get the portfolio to suit your individual needs.

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