The UK's leading supplier of medicinal gases and related services to healthcare organisations


Throughout hospitals, ambulance services, treatment centres, GP surgeries, veterinary and dental practices, a wide range of medicinal gases are used to provide crucial care and improve the lives of patients. 

BOC provide products for almost every hospital department, from nitrous oxide for anaesthesia to liquid helium for cooling the magnets of MRIs. Our services also extend to primary care and increasingly into patients’ homes, through our home oxygen service. 

BOC Healthcare has been a major force behind many important developments. We’ve been instrumental in developing gases like ENTONOX® and in promoting the healthcare profession’s understanding of the clinical benefits of oxygen, HELIOX21 and other gases.

In recent years the healthcare division of BOC has diversified and developed from being the major supplier of hospital gases to becoming one of the leading suppliers of clinical services.  These services include: Home Oxygen, and Clinical Services.

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A wide range of medical-grade gases are available in cylinders

All BOC Healthcare compressed gas cylinders are designed to be robust, safe, and convenient to handle. Cylinders and valves meet the Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive (TPED) and are marked accordingly. What’s more, all cylinders are inspected at every fill to ensure they are safe for use.


BOC’s Cryospeed service gives you access to larger volumes of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide in cryogenic liquid form. These are stored in fully maintained stainless steel vacuum-insulated vessels on your site and are filled by our Cryospeed operators. Our storage vessels are set up for the pressures, flow rates and sizes appropriate to each customer. All rented vessels are fully maintained under the supply agreement with BOC. 


High gas volumes can be stored in BOC bulk cryogenic vessels. These are installed at the customer’s site, providing a continuous and secure supply of oxygen, nitrogen or carbon-dioxide. Our Customer Engineering Service (CES) designs, installs and maintains the vessel in line with customer requirements and in compliance with all the relevant regulations (such as the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000). Our On-Stream service can also cover customer-owned systems.  

On-site generation 

For those needing generated nitrogen, the BOC Ecovar-mini range provides an on-site generation solution at a range of pressures, flow rate and purity. On-site generation requirements are assessed on a site-specific basis to ensure the resulting set-up will cater for your needs now and in the future.