Hydrogen Safety

At BOC, the safe handling of hydrogen has been our priority for over 100 years

NetZero Safety

You don’t worry about safety when you fill your car with petrol or switch on your gas hob – because for many years, petrol and gas have been safely produced, stored and transported, ready for you to use.

At BOC, the safe handling of hydrogen has been our priority for over 100 years. This is why our people are world-leading experts in the safe production, storage, delivery and application of hydrogen, whether through reliable customer supply, delivering hydrogen refuelling projects or carrying out hydrogen fuel-switching trials in hard-to-decarbonise sectors.

BOC works closely with its customers at all stages of the hydrogen process to ensure safety standards are meticulously considered and implemented on-site.

A safe path to decarbonisation

With only a handful of years left until the 2030 decarbonisation deadline facing many organisations, our people are ready to help you take the next steps in the journey. We understand that decarbonisation is a series of interventions, and that making the switch to hydrogen is complex and may seem daunting – but we’ve done this many times before, and we know how to do it safely.

Our unique mix of hands-on experience, heritage and innovation, underpinned by our culture of safety, is what places our people at the forefront of the hydrogen revolution, ready to help you achieve your decarbonisation goals safely.

How we safely handle hydrogen

Many of our people have been working with hydrogen for decades, giving them unique insights that help to safely deliver successful hydrogen projects for a wide range of sectors and customers.

Our drivers conduct dynamic risk assessments on every delivery and know exactly how to spot and detect hydrogen leaks. Our engineers understand all the nuances around hydrogen safety, whether it’s knowledge of regulations, the technical knowledge of factors such as vent stack design, or the specific temperature, pressure and flow rates that are needed for safe and effective hydrogen supply.

Setting the standard for hydrogen safety

We don’t just abide by the regulations that govern the safe production, storage and transportation of hydrogen: we’re actively involved in setting these standards. BOC’s engineers are at the forefront of hydrogen safety policy, consulting with the Health and Safety Executive to support the development of policy.

We’re also members of multiple industry groups and associations, including the EIGA, BCGA, Hydrogen UK and Hydrogen Energy Association, playing a key role in creating the vision and roadmap for our industry’s future.

Meet our people

Our people profoundly understand how to safely produce, store, transport and use hydrogen across a wide range of sectors.

From our drivers to our senior engineers, everyone at BOC is an advocate for our safety-first culture.

We are BOC. Our people know hydrogen.

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