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BOC is the UK's leading supplier of speciality gases and equipment

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Speciality Gases

BOC offers an extensive range of high purity gases, gas mixtures and speciality gas equipment to suit a wide range of applications and market sectors including research, analysis, calibration and electronics. BOC has over 15,000 speciality gas products available across a wide range of specifications and cylinder sizes, with the capability to create new bespoke products to meet specific requirements.

Our online shop offers a broad range of speciality gases for convenient purchase, many of which are available in stock, but if what you require is not currently available in the shop then please contact us.

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Speciality Equipment

Having spent time and effort selecting a gas of the correct purity or a mixture of the correct specification, it is also important to select the appropriate gas handling equipment to ensure there is no degradation of gas quality between the cylinder and delivery point. BOC has a range of pressure regulators and associated gas handling equipment specifically designed to maintain gas purity and specification. 

Compared to industrial and welding regulators, speciality gas regulators use higher specification materials of construction and are manufactured to tighter tolerances which guarantee reduced system purging times and provide the best possible gas purity at the point of use.

Pressure Regulators 

Flow & Isolation Valves 

Purges and Panels 

Changeover Systems

Gauges and Flowmeters

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Cylinder Accessories

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