HYMERA® Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator

Clean, silent, affordable power for off-grid applications

BOC HYMERA is the world’s first commercially viable, low-carbon, hydrogen fuel cell generator – a flexible alternative to small petrol and diesel generators or large battery banks.

Providing up to 175 watts of peak power whenever and wherever you need it, HYMERA incorporates ground-breaking hydrogen fuel cell technology, which produces electricity from the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen from the air, and can easily cope with today’s high-efficiency, lower-power electrical loads.

Supplied with readily available compressed hydrogen, HYMERA supports a wide range of commercial and industrial off-grid applications, such as task lighting (e.g. for railway and tunnel maintenance work), security cameras, environmental monitoring and process control systems and the leisure sector e.g. boating.

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HYMERA 200 hydrogen fuel cell power supply unit

Cost saving

For many applications, the HYMERA can offer very significant cost savings compared to conventional diesel generators, offering savings of up to 75% for loads up to 150 watts.

Quiet operation

HYMERA is almost silent in operation providing an ideal power solution for covert operations or in environments where noise pollution must be avoided.

Operates in all weather conditions

The unit is rated to operate at -10 degrees and in temperatures up to 40 degrees, and can self-start* in low temperatures, ensuring you do not waste hydrogen by keeping the unit warm to operate when needed.

Emission free

The only exhaust is water vapour, so HYMERA is ideal for use in environmentally controlled or sensitive areas such as near water, in tunnels or in close vicinity to protected wildlife.

Carbon saving

A 50W camera powered by a conventional diesel generator will emit 2.5kg of CO2 per hour. The CO2 footprint of the same camera powered by HYMERA and hydrogen will be less than 20g per hour.

GENIE® hydrogen cylinder

The HYMERA generator runs on hydrogen and is supported by the new lightweight 54-G20, GENIE® hydrogen cylinder.

When full, the 54-G20 cylinder package weighs approximately 22kg and a single cylinder contains enough hydrogen to generate 6-7kWh of electricity.

HYMERA in action

Watch the HYMERA generator and GENIE hydrogen cylinders in action, powering the world's first commercially-viable hydrogen fuel cell lighting tower, the Ecolite-TH2.

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Want to know more?

HYMERA Generator for CCTV

HYMERA is the intelligent power source for intelligent CCTV systems.

Until HYMERA came on the market, the only commercially sensible power solutions for intelligent CCTV systems applications were diesel generators, batteries or, in some cases, solar power – all of which have technical and economic limitations.

With typical power demands of around 60 watts and used for site surveillance and protection, off-grid CCTV is an active and low-cost alternative to manned guarding.

Within its power range, HYMERA costs much less than diesel generators to run and hardly needs any servicing throughout its life.

Batteries are heavy and impractical and solar PV only works for very low loads during winter months.

HYMERA is much more practical than batteries and is a viable alternative to solar PV, or it can work together with solar PV to provide the lowest cost solution possible.

HYMERA Generator for Mobile Lighting

For decades, the construction and rail industry has relied on diesel generators to power temporary lighting for safety access or area tasks at night or in winter.

These noisy, inefficient units were the only viable power solution until HYMERA came along.

Now the low noise and low emission solution offered by HYMERA allows lighting systems to be operated in the most demanding environments with a minimum amount of support, whilst providing higher functionality periods for your lighting system.

It works with today’s efficient LED light systems to provide an affordable, silent and truly green alternative to the diesel generators you’re used to.

  • Low noise to avoid disturbing neighbours
  • Ideal for use in demanding environments
  • Cleaner than sooty diesel fuel
  • Zero risk of fuel spill
  • Minimal glare and light flicker
  • Affordable, green alternative to diesel

HYMERA Generator for Process Monitoring & Control

For process and control applications, used widely by many service industries such as water and power, HYMERA is the only system which can give all year-round power without the limitations of stand-alone solar and/or battery systems.

Other relevant applications include: noise and pollution monitoring, filming wildlife and security alarm systems.

HYMERA can also be used on projects where conventional diesel generators cannot, due to the risk of environmental damage from diesel spillage or emissions.

In many cases, the HYMERA unit can be placed into a BOC-supplied cabinet which houses the fuel cell, external battery and the application control electronics. 

This system can also be used with renewable energy sources, such as solar, for the most economical solution available.

BOC also offers cabinets or cages which hold the cylinders in a separate compartment for both protective and aesthetic purposes.