Accelerated Gas Stripping System

Removing dissolved oxygen from a variety of low viscosity liquids utilising nitrogen or carbon dioxide

BOC’s accelerated gas stripping system, SUPERSONIC STRIPPERTM

BOC’s accelerated gas stripping system, SUPERSONIC STRIPPERTM, is designed as an in-line stripping system incorporated predominately in batch processing. It is especially effective when removing dissolved oxygen (DO) from process water for industries such as brewing, as it can achieve parts per billion (PPB) levels of DO. 

Process Overview

The system is designed to create supersonic velocities in two-phase flow producing ultra-fine bubbles promoting a high surface area for mass transfer. The stripper size is dependent upon your liquid flow, pressure, temperature, liquid viscosity, and process pipe size.

The stripper has been designed to allow you to optimise your reduction ratio through gas flow, liquid flow, and constriction of the liquid path. 

Typical uses:

  • Water 
  • Beer 
  • Juice 
  • Milk
  • Wine (sulphur dioxide reduction)
  • Various industrial chemicals.


The accelerated gas stripping system can be used with either nitrogen or carbon dioxide. It can operate at wide liquid flow rates and handle solids and various liquids, giving greater flexibility in applications. 
Other benefits:

  • Achieve very low levels of dissolved oxygen (PPB) 
  • High gas efficiency 
  • Faster and more efficient reduction (reduce stripping design up to 90%) 
  • Easy to install
  • Low capital cost
  • Preserves product quality
  • Can improve shelf life and yield. 

Standard Features

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Currently available in 2"
  • Simple design, low maintenance 
  • In line pressure measurement pre- and post- stripping
  • Flexible, adjustable system meets a wide range of needs. 

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