Shielding Gases

Protecting the weld and improving metallurgy, strength and productivity

For any application, it is important to choose the right shielding gas. BOC provides an extensive range of advanced and standard shielding gases to meet all requirements. 

Our product range includes some shielding gases that have been tailored to offer added benefits. These have been specially developed to optimise the performance of the shielding gas in one or more respects. 

All our products are proven mixtures offering the highest quality time and time again, meeting or exceeding ISO 14175:2008 standards. 

Advanced shielding gases
BOC‘s advanced shielding gases range provides you with a comprehensive advantage by reducing manufacturing costs through increasing production, reducing reject rates and improving quality. This is all down to the tailored mix of each gas, created with specific welds and materials in mind to ensure the best possible results.


BOC Alushield shielding gases are developed specifically for MIG, TIG and plasma welding of aluminium and copper.

BOC Alushield shielding gases are also suitable for MIG and TIG welding copper and titanium alloys, as well as for TIG welding nickel alloys, stainless steel, carbon and alloy steels, where heat transfer or high welding speeds are important, such as in automatic welding applications such as tube mills.

Helium-containing shielding gases allow more energy to be transferred into the weld than pure argon, but the addition of argon improves the arc stability and initiation. The Alushield range of gases will help a skilled welder to produce smooth, even and defect-free aluminium welds.

There are three gases in the BOC Alushield range, each designed to weld varying thicknesses of material: Alushield Light, Alushield Universal and Alushield Heavy.

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Developed primarily for the MIG welding of steel, Argoshield gases deliver improved welding performance and a lower operating cost than other shielding gases.

The BOC Argoshield range provides excellent arc stability and high-strength welds. Argoshield gases are easy to use and enable high productivity with minimal spatter to produce good surface appearance and finish.

This range can obtain fast travel speeds resulting in minimal distortion, good penetration and fusion with flat weld profiles. Weld characteristics that minimise post-weld treatment and rework contribute to overall cost efficiencies.

Three components are added for specific applications, and each contributes to the performance of the product. A range of BOC Argoshield mixtures has been created, each tailored for welding a range of material thicknesses: Argoshield Light, Argoshield Universal and Argoshield Heavy.

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The BOC Stainshield range consists of a mix of argon, helium and carbon dioxide shielding gases for MIG welding of stainless steel and an argon-hydrogen mixture for TIG welding austenitic stainless steels.

The addition of helium to the MIG welding shielding gas allows more heat to be transferred into the weld than with argon alone. Carbon dioxide is added to improve the arc stability and droplet transfer characteristics, reducing spatter.

BOC Stainshield helps skilled welders to produce smooth, clean, defect-free welds in all grades of stainless steel.

There are three gases for MIG welding in the BOC Stainshield range: Stainshield Light, Stainshield Universal and Stainshield Heavy. By combining the properties of argon, carbon dioxide and helium, Stainshield mixtures are each tailored for welding a range of material thicknesses.

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