Demolition & Dismantling

Helping companies to improve productivity by utilising gases & gas processes in demolition & decommissioning projects

Demolition & Dismantling

BOC has a long history of supplying demolition and dismantling companies with gases and products needed for their work. Whether you are involved in building demolition or industrial object decommissioning, we can support all the key activities.


Dismantling metal structures and extracting steel is one of the most common activities on a demolition site. Getting the right tools for the job provides you with the peace of mind that the project will be completed on time and within budget.

You might use various techniques and technologies for dismantling steel frames, metal pipelines and other installations, but when working in confined spaces the most common techniques will be thermal-based.

BOC can provide you with a full range of oxy-fuel gases for cutting metals, including acetylene and propane and all the relevant hard goods such as cutters and burners, regulators and any PPE you might require to get the job done safely and quickly. For work with thicker steel, our LINDOFLAMM ® pre-heating technology is ideal.

Concrete cutting

Concrete cutting is one of the key techniques used in building demolition. Steel from prefabs in reinforced concrete can be fully recycled and re-used again, providing additional financial and environmental benefits.

If you are using a thermal lance for concrete cutting, BOC can supply you with a range of oxygen cylinders or cryogenic vessels in various sizes, so you can buy exactly what you need for the job.

Waste removal and recycling

A lot of emphasis is put on material recycling in construction, however removal of these elements in one piece might present an operational challenge.

Preparing these objects for transportation before they leave the demolition site may include cutting larger pieces of steel frames or tanks or welding together small elements into bulkier pieces that are easier to handle.

BOC can provide welding gases to help get the job done. We can also supply you with other gas products and mixtures depending on the type of metal you are working with.

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