Aquaculture Solutions

Innovative oxygen dissolution and distribution systems suitable for fresh and salt/brackish water aquaculture

Aquaculture Solutions

Our SOLVOX® series includes equipment for optimised dissolution of oxygen in water, distribution of oxygenated water to the fish, and dose adjustment applications for smooth and reliable operation. Equipment can be designed and dimensioned for all types of aquaculture and fish farm facilities. 

SOLVOX is suitable for fresh water or salt water plants, land-based or sea cages, as well as being used for fish transport and de-licing treatments.

Controlling Oxygen Levels

Supplementary oxygenation is the key to enhancing a fish farm’s stocking density, to keeping it disease-free and the productivity and overall profitability high. A perfectly balanced oxygen saturation will:

  • Improve feed conversion ratio (FCR) for feed cost savings - A reduction in the FCR from 1.5 to 1.0 can lower production costs by up to 20%
  • Raise specific growth rate (SGR) for increased profitability
  • Increase fish growth rates even on higher stocking densities
  • Maintain fish health and reduce mortality
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