An oxygenation cone, mainly used for fresh water, which on standard operation has an oxygenation efficiency close to 100%

The operation of the cone is simple: as water and gas enter from the top, the water jet forces the water to mix intensively with the oxygen bubbles.

As the cone widens, the velocity is reduced. Small gas bubbles that are not yet fully dissolved rise in the cone against the downward water flow, so only water free of gas bubbles leaves the cone at the bottom.

It is important that there is sufficient pressure in the downstream pipe network to ensure that the oxygen remains dissolved up to the tank.

Since the SOLVOX® cone is operated at elevated pressure, the dissolved oxygen concentration can be increased significantly above normal saturation level.

Thanks to their high reliability, efficiency and simple installation, oxygenation cones are used widely in aquaculture.

SOLVOX cones are made from fibreglass-reinforced plastic (GRP) and are provided with CE certification mark.



  • Oxygen transfer efficiency rates close to 100%
  • Ability to increase oxygen saturation well above the normal level
  • Reliable design
  • Cylinder and bulk supply schemes to suit individual needs
SOLVOX cone data sheet