Improving the carbon balance of refineries through cleaner processes and products that release fewer emissions


BOC can help refineries to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations by providing applications and gases to assist with cleaner refining processes and lower emission levels.

Refineries require large quantities of gases to control various processes. For example:

  • Pure oxygen is used to increase the efficiency of wastewater treatment
  • Adding oxygen to the air in a Claus plant can help increase plant capacity and remove bottlenecks, also improving ammonia conversion by removing sulphur oxides (SOx)
  • Oxygen enrichment in a fluid catalytic cracker can also increase capacity and give operators the flexibility to handle heavier feeds and loads by removing nitrogen oxides (NOx)
  • Hydrogen is used in several refinery processes including hydrodesulphurisation and hydrocracking
  • Cryogenic gases can be used to recover volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for recycling or appropriate disposal.
Selective, safe investments in the right gases, application technologies and supply schemes can play a key role in fine-tuning key links in the refining process flow.

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