Laser Gases & Equipment

Most industrial lasers require 'lasing gas' to generate the laser light and 'assist gas' to aid the process

Laser Gases

Most industrial lasers require 'lasing gas' to generate the laser light and 'assist gas' to aid the process

All BOC laser gases are produced at ISO 9002 accredited facilities and are designed to meet or exceed the specifications of laser manufacturers.

BOC provides a range of both mixed and pure gases for lasing purposes.

Lasing gas quality

The purity of lasing gas must be extremely high to avoid contamination of laser components and resultant impaired laser performance.

Moisture and hydrocarbons are particularly detrimental to the performance of CO2 lasers.

BOC lasing gases have extremely high purity which exceeds manufacturer specifications, ensuring high reliability and maximisation of optics' life.

Laser gas range

BOC supplies a variety of pre-mixed gases and an extensive range of specialist gas mixtures for all major lasers.

If the mixture you require is not listed, please contact us directly.

High purity gases

Part No Gas
270010-F CP Grade Carbon dioxide 99.995% 5kg 50 BS8
111095-Y   14kg 50 BS8
27008-J   25kg 50 BS8
110745-V Grade A Helium 99.996% 1.18m3 200 BS3
101720-L   9.10m3 200 BS3
291885-WZ   194.7m3 300 BS3
110744 -V CP Grade
Helium 99.999%
1.81m3 200 BS3
271088-L   9.10m3 200 BS3
151476-WZ   194.70m3 300 BS3
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Rofin DC Premix

BOC is an approved supplier for the Rofin DC premix.

Only Rofin-approved suppliers are permitted to provide this product.

Part No Gas

DC Premix

1.35m3 150 DIN1

Lasermix Gases

Part No Gas
131641-BC-C Lasermix 1 4.5% Carbon Dioxide
13.5% Nitrogen Balance Helium
0.25m3 137 BS3
131641-AV-C   1.25m3 137 BS3
225082-L   8.8m3 200 BS3
131643-AV-C   1.26m3 137 BS3
225081-L-C Lasermix 2 9% Carbon Dioxide
13.5% Nitrogen Balance Helium
8.88m3 200 BS3
225077-L-C   1.26m3 137 BS3
283892-V-C Lasermix 3 12% Carbon Dioxide
12% Nitrogen Balance Helium
8.95m3 200 BS3
285276-L-C Lasermix 4 5% Carbon Dioxide
40% Helium
Balance Nitrogen
1.82m3 200 BS3
283892-L-C   8.95m3 200 BS3
285276-L-C Lasermix 5 3.4% Carbon Dioxide
15.6% Nitrogen Balance Helium
8.78m3 200 BS3
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Excimer Lasers

BOC provides a range of lasing gases for use with excimer lasers.

The lasing gases consist of a halogen donor, a rare gas buffer and an inert gas dilutent.

Rare gases, such as neon, krypton and xenon, are available in pure form or as a mixture to your own specification, directly from BOC.

Part No Gas
229454-F 5% Fluorine
Balance Helium
1.17m3 134 DIN8
122791-F 5% Hydrogen Chloride Balance Helium 1.16m3 137 BS14
157839-V 5% Hydrogen Chloride 1% Hydrogen
Balance Helium
1.38m3 150 BS15

Laser Gas Equipment - LAS PDS

The LAS PDS changeover manifold is designed to connect two cylinders to a single outlet, allowing continuity of supply whilst an empty cylinder is changed. For helium, nitrogen and carbon dioxide lasing gases.


- Automatic changeover manifold for continuity of gas supply
- Effective two stage regulation for controllable and stable outlet pressures
- Stainless steel diaphragms
- Flexible hoses with non return valves to connect to cylinders
- Interstage relief valve
- Delivery pressures to 8 bar with outlet pressure gauge (13 bar)


  • Body: Chrome plated forged brass
  • Valve seat/seals: Brass,viton
  • Seat return spring: Stainless steel
  • Filter: 10 micron stainless steel
  • Seals: Nylon
  • Operating temperature: -17 to +57°C 
  • Dimensions: 230 x 250mm excluding hoses
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 207 bar
  • Flow rate: Cv=0.05

Model Outlet pressure bar (psi) Relief valve setting bar (psi) Changeover pressure bar
LAS PDS 0-8.6 (0-125) set to open at 27 bar (400 psi) 11.3 - 13.7

Standard Supply  
600mm flexible hoses with cylinder connections and non return valves
Cylinder contents gauges
Automatic changeover unit and final regulator
Outlet pressure gauge
1/4"compression fitting outlet 


HI-Inlet isolation valve
IV-Isolation valve on outlet
R-Outlet relief valve  

How to order

ALWAYS specify gas or mixture to be used: 

  1. Select model eg.LAS PDS
  2. Select inlet connection eg.BS3
  3. Select outlet connection  eg.1/4" compression fitting (for copper tube)
  4. Select any options eg.HI,IV,R   

Assist Gases

Assist gases (or process gases) are used at the point in the process where the laser interacts with the material.

Choice of assist gas

The choice of assist gas is extremely important and can have a significant effect on the resulting process quality and productivity.

When cutting mild steel, oxygen can enable higher cutting speeds and greater thickness at lower pressure and flow rate than nitrogen.

Nitrogen and other inert assist gases prevent surface oxidation, producing a higher quality finish which requires minimal preparation for other fabrication processes (such as welding) and surface treatment.

Lasers can cut a wide range of materials including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, wood and ceramics.

The choice of assist gas should be made with regard to the material being cut.

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Gases for laser cutting

Material Oxygen Oxygen high purity Nitrogen Argon
Mild Steel o o o  
Stainless Steel o o o  
Aluminium     o  
Titanium       o

Gases for laser welding

Material Helium Argon
CO2 o o*
ND:YAG   o
Diode   o

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