Developing leading oxygenation technology for fish farming

Aquaculture basin for industrial fishfarming

As a member of the Linde Group, we have developed a number of pioneering oxygenation technologies suiting all aquaculture concepts from flow-through and recirculation systems to sea cages, to all fresh and sea water plants and to all farmed fish species and the transportation of fish. Our tailored SOLVOX ® oxygenation solutions and complementary services are geared towards:

  • enhancing the animal welfare by optimising the oxygen concentration in water
  • distributing the oxygenated water more effectively to the fish
  • regulating oxygen dosage for smooth and reliable operation
The close collaboration with our customers and an international network of fish-farming experts combined with our R&D and testing unit located in Ålesund, Norway is key in the development of our solutions.

Industry challenges

Today, more than 45% of the world’s seafood comes from land- or offshore-based fish farms. These facilities face the challenge of maintaining optimum fish farming conditions: appropriate nutrition, prevention of diseases and maintaining a stable and healthy aquatic environment. The most important factor to ensure healthy fish is a constant supply of fresh, clean water. Controlling the oxygen concentration in the water is, therefore, of vital importance to the fish farm.

Maintaining the right oxygen level in the water improves feed utilisation, reduces the growth period and fish mortality. Appropriate use of oxygen will significantly enhance the fish farm’s financial viability and provide additional production stability.

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Oxygen (O2)

Oxygen is used in the SOLVOX product line to improve the quality of water in fish farms