Gas Supply Options

A comprehensive range of gas supply solutions to suit all users and demands

No matter your gas requirements, BOC can offer you the right gas solution, supplied in the most effective way.


A wide range of BOC gases are available in a variety of cylinder sizes as well as Manifolded Cylinder Pallets (MCP).
All BOC compressed gas cylinders are designed to be robust, safe, and convenient to handle. Cylinders and valves meet the Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive (TPED) and are marked accordingly. What’s more, all cylinders are inspected at every fill to ensure they are safe for use.


BOC’s Cryospeed service gives you access to larger volumes of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide in cryogenic liquid form. These are stored in fully maintained stainless steel vacuum-insulated vessels on your site and are filled by our Cryospeed operators for optimal safety and convenience. Our storage vessels are set up with appropriate pressures, flow rates, and sizes personalized to meet each customer's specific requirements. With our Cryospeed service, you can be assured that all rented vessels are fully maintained under the supply agreement with BOC. We strive to provide reliable and flexible solutions that meet your unique needs and support your business in the best way possible.


High gas volumes can be stored in BOC bulk cryogenic vessels. These are installed at your site, providing you with a continuous and secure supply of oxygen, nitrogen, or carbon-dioxide. Our Customer Engineering Service (CES) designs, installs, and maintains the vessel according to your specific requirements and in compliance with all relevant regulations, including the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000. Our On-Stream service also covers customer-owned systems for optimal convenience.

On-site generation 

For those needing generated nitrogen, the BOC Ecovar-mini range provides an on-site generation solution at a range of pressures, flow rate and purity. On-site generation requirements are assessed on a site-specific basis to ensure the resulting set-up will cater for your needs now and in the future.

Industrial Gas Supply Modes

No matter what your gas requirements, BOC can offer you the right gas solution, supplied in the most effective way

Speciality Gas Supply Modes

BOC can supply speciality gas in a number of modes depending on your requirments

Drinks Dispense Gas Supply Modes

BOC Sureserve offers a complete range of gases and equipment, ensuring you serve the perfect pint every time

Balloon Gas Cylinder Options

BOC has one of the largest stocks of balloon gas cylinders and accessories in the country. This enables us to ensure that stocks are always available as and when you need them

Medical Gas Cylinder Deliveries

BOC Healthcare has an extensive delivery network with many regional sites for filling and distribution across the country. This ensures reliable and frequent deliveries for security of supply

On-Site Gas Generation

Our supply systems involve the generation of industrial gas on a customer site and are built around standardised components to ensure maximum cost efficiencies