On-Site Gas Generation (ECOVAR)

Our supply systems involve the generation of industrial gas on a customer site and are built around standardised components to ensure maximum cost efficiencies

ECOVAR® (Economical, Variable and Reliable) encompasses the supply of industrial gases with on-site plants.

ECOVAR standardised design and dimensions play an important role in cutting the costs involved in engineering, building, installing, operating, and maintaining on-site gas supply systems. Through an optimal combination of production plant and backup system, the ECOVAR concept offers an extremely high level of flexibility and reliability, at low investment and operational cost.

The ECOVAR portfolio is extremely flexible. Systems and system modules can be combined as required to create tailored solutions that suit local requirements. ECOVAR systems can be designed for indoor or outdoor installation to fit available space and for the availability of utilities (energy, water, and compressed air). ECOVAR plants are generally mounted in cabinets, on skids or in containers for fast, trouble-free installation/commissioning and relocation.

ECOVAR systems comprise a standard plant and a backup unit to ensure uninterrupted supply all year round (8760 hours). Automatic control systems track fluctuations in demand, automatically activating the back-up system to support production peaks. The back-up system can also be activated in the event of a plant stop.

Both the production plant and backup system can be monitored and controlled remotely to ensure a reliable gas supply.

ECOVAR systems are often more environmentally friendly than conventional supply methods as the production of gas on-site eliminates the need for transport and distribution, saving energy and product losses. The energy-intensive process of liquefying gases for transport is eliminated by generating the gases on-site.

The use of an ECOVAR on-site supply solution from BOC provides customers with the benefit of a low-cost gas supply.

Nitrogen On-Sites

The ECOVAR nitrogen generation plant portfolio covers adsorption and cryogenic plants.

Oxygen On-Sites

The ECOVAR oxygen generation plant portfolio covers adsorption and cryogenic plants.

Hydrogen On-Sites

Hydrogen can be generated on-site in one of three different ways – electrolysis, steam methane reforming and methanol cracking.

Electrolysis involves the splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen by the application of electrical energy.

Steam methane reforming involves the reforming of natural gas through the use of steam and a catalyst to produce hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

Methanol cracking involves the cracking of methanol into hydrogen and CO2/CO.