Industrial Gas Supply Modes (including cryogenics and refrigerants)

No matter what your gas requirements, BOC can offer you the right gas solution, supplied in the most effective way.

Your gas supply package can influence your productivity. Frequent handling and changeover of single cylinders can increase non-productive time, reduce your efficiency and ultimately increase your costs.

To optimise your gas efficiency, you need to match your gas supply to your demand. BOC offers a range of products and services that will help to make your business as efficient and productive as possible:

  • Packages tailored to suit your requirements
  • A quick, reliable, and flexible service
  • Efficient supply, helping to reduce your gas supply costs
  • Expert advice to enhance your business.

Gas cylinders

BOC offers a wide range of individual, high-pressure cylinders suitable for small volumes of gas. Available in many sizes and pressures, BOC gas cylinders offer a high degree of versatility and flexibility.

The BOC delivery network extends throughout the UK and operates in conjunction with hundreds of collection outlets.

BOC also offers a range of innovative 300 bar cylinder packages, including the GENIE®, which contains 30% more gas than a standard steel cylinder and uses digital display technology to tell you how much gas it contains, the VIVANTOS™ Gas Cylinder range, which comes complete with an integrated high-pressure regulator, and the 300 bar ZN Cylinder, which offers up to 30% more gas compared to the 230 bar offer.

Cylinder manifolds

Two or more compressed cylinders can be manifolded together in banks to provide a larger supply source.

A manifold usually consists of two independent sets of controls to permit alternate or simultaneous operation.

Manifolded cylinder pallets (MCPs)

Manifolded cylinder pallets (or packs) consist of a number of cylinders connected together with a dual outlet.

The MCP can contain both pure and mixed gases, providing an uninterrupted supply of gas that can be transported with ease by a forklift truck.

Advantages of using an MCP include:

  • compact way of storing cylinders.
  • increased safety due to a single gas storage point.
  • available for most pure gases and gas mixtures.
  • significantly reduces cylinder handling costs.

Bulk Supply

For customers with high volume requirements and operations suited to piped supplies of gas, a bulk cryogenic storage vessel sited on the premises offers the best solution. These vessels contain liquefied gas that can be used either in cryogenic liquid form or vaporised to provide a continuous gaseous supply. The vessels are available in a variety of sizes and pressures to suit individual customer requirements; BOC will advise on where to locate vessels and safety considerations. Oxygen, argon, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide can all be supplied as bulk liquids. Vessels can be fitted with low-level alarms and many are supplied with BOC’s 'tel-tank' remote monitoring equipment as standard. BOC will be happy to advise on the best supply management option for your business.

As the largest supplier of bulk gases in the UK and Ireland, BOC keeps thousands of public and private sector organisations supplied with industrial and specialist gases, helping them to reduce operating costs, cut environmental emissions, enhance safety levels and improve product quality. All our gases conform to BOC quality specifications.


  • Cost-effective for high volumes
  • Continuous supply
  • No handling costs
  • No downtime
  • High level of consistency and purity.


The BOC Tel-tank monitoring system constantly gauges the volume in your storage vessel, meaning you do not have to make an order; we automatically deliver gas as required. This system can provide you with information to help improve your efficiency.

BOC Trifecta

Designed for customers who have high-volume and high-pressure requirements, BOC Trifecta is a self-contained, modular system that is easy to install and maintain.

Mini-bulk - CRYOSPEED®

CRYOSPEED from BOC offers a bespoke nationwide delivery service of cryogenic gases.

Delivered by the largest mini-bulk fleet in the UK and Ireland, CRYOSPEED can be found in more places, more often than any other supplier. Our operators will deliver your product without assistance and have the experience and flexibility to provide true security of supply.

Delivering argon, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, CRYOSPEED eliminates cylinder handling and the need for delivery assistance.

On-Sites Supply - ECOVAR®

BOC’s extensive ECOVAR (ECOnomical VAriable Reliable) range of generation systems are most suited to relatively steady demand patterns of nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen over a wide range of flowrates.

ECOVAR supply schemes can be designed for specific flow and purity requirements, to meet customer needs.