Speciality Gas Supply Modes

BOC can supply speciality gas in a number of modes depending on your requirments

Speciality gas cylinders

The correct choice of cylinder for each product depends upon factors such as pressure of fill, component compatibility and cylinder availability.

This document shows the principal cylinders in the special gases range.

Please note:

  • heights are given to the centre of a typical valve outlet
  • weights are for empty cylinders with valve or cap guard fitted
  • all dimensions are for guidance and should be treated as approximate.

Bulk Helium

We are able to offer our large customers supplies of gaseous helium in trailers. We supply two types of helium trailers:

  • Kelly = around 4000M3
  • MP20 = around 2000M3

The helium gas is either decanted with the trailer remaining on-site or decanted into bulk storage on your site.

For further information call 0845 8787027 or email us

Manifold Cylinder Pallets

Where a gas is used in significant volumes BOC can supply a MCP.

Our standard (WL) design contains 15 manifold cylinders with a single outlet, housed in a robust steel frame.

MCP dimensions

  • approximate overall dimensions in metres (h x w x d) 1.85 x 1.29 x 0.84
  • approximate tare weight 1320 kg
  • water capacity 750 litres

An MCP @ 200 bar contains approximately 145m3 (145,000 litres) of gas.
Much of our range of pure gases and mixtures can be supplied in MCPs.

Helium MCP

We have recently introduced a 300 bar MCP for grade-A helium.  This has replaced all existing MCPs.


The MCP will be fitted with two valves for gas off-take. 

  • the first valve will be a pressure-reducing cylinder valve connecting BS341 No.3, delivering a regulated outlet pressure of 60 bar
  • the second is a MPR/NRV valve connecting Nevoc 30RH delivering 300 bar outlet pressure

The 2 valves are clearly marked on the MCP.


  • for the pressure-reducing cylinder valve 60 bar outlet pressure, the standard 200 bar rated regulator should be used
  • for the Nevoc 30RH, 300 bar outlet pressure, a 300 bar rated regulator with a Nevoc Inert inlet connection will be required

Both types of regulators are available from BOC.

If the 300 bar outlet is to be used, please ensure that all pipework and equipment downstream of the valve is 300 bar rated.

Please note that single cylinders of helium remain at a maximum pressure of 200 bar.

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Valve Outlet Details

The valve outlets on all containers supplied by BOC Special Gases conform to recognised national and international standards.

In Ireland we normally supply containers fitted with valves in accordance with BS 341, but alternative valve options can be supplied if requested.

Valve outlets

Differences in valve outlets are used to assist with the segregation of chemically different gases.  This is in addition to identification of the product by means of container labelling or stencilling.

It is important to ensure that the connections on regulators and other equipment connected directly to the container valve match those on the container valve outlets.

Connections that do not fit properly must never be forced.

If in any doubt please contact us on 1800 355 255 for advice.

For further information call 1800 355 255 or email us