Cylinder Deliveries

BOC Healthcare has an extensive delivery network with many regional sites for filling and distribution across the country. This ensures reliable and frequent deliveries for security of supply. Customers need only stock the optimum level of gas cylinders, consequently reducing risks.

Cylinder Deliveries

Flexible delivery options

BOC Healthcare offers a range of delivery options to suit every level of need. No matter how fast and efficient your systems and your teams, without a reliable, uninterrupted gas supply, life-saving actions would be at risk. Safeguarding patients' lives is our top priority. You can choose from aided and unaided deliveries, whichever best meets your needs.

Standard delivery service - See Notes 1

Next day deliveries are available to most customers for orders placed at our Customer Service Centre by 3pm.
This is an aided delivery service, where you are present to assist the BOC delivery driver in accessing the gas store at the time of delivery.

Regular ‘Milkround’ scheduled delivery

This unaided service gives you a reliable 'Milkround' delivery service. Our driver will exchange your cylinders without the need to place orders on agreed days, so you will never need worry about running out.

Multipoint deliveries

Some hospitals have a requirement for multiple drops within a single site, or complex of sites, within the same local area. BOC Healthcare can arrange to provide multipoint deliveries to suit your needs.

Emergency backup - See Notes 2

BOC Healthcare can provide an emergency delivery in the event of stocks becoming unexpectedly low. We endeavour to provide a fast response to any emergency delivery order. To place an emergency delivery order please call the customer service centre free on 0800 111333 any time of the day or night.


1. In some locations BOC offers fixed delivery schedules, therefore, for a limited number of customers, next day delivery might not be available.
Next day deliveries only apply to cylinders.

2. Emergency response times may vary for remote UK locations. Please check with the Customer Service Centre on 0800 111 333.