Drinks Dispense Gas Supply Modes

BOC Sureserve offers a complete range of gases and equipment, ensuring you serve the perfect pint every time

BOC Sureserve provides the most reliable, professional gas supply to the hospitality and leisure industries.

Our products and services are tailored to meet the needs of your business. BOC Sureserve gas dispense equipment will provide all the mixed gases you need. Beer and soft drinks can be dispensed at a faster rate, saving the time and effort of changing cylinders. BOC Sureserve has the widest range of convenient and reliable solutions.

Delivery and service

When you choose BOC Sureserve as your dispense gas supplier we do not simply drop cylinders on your doorstep and leave. Our delivery personnel can take away many of the burdens and worries associated with maintaining gas stocks, allowing you to focus on running your business. They connect cylinders and remove empties helping to control your cylinder stocks.


We can optimise your dispense gas system so it precisely suits your trade and your pocket. You gain the following benefits:

  • beer with a creamier, longer-lasting head
  • reduced fobbing
  • faster dispensing
  • extended life of slower-moving draught beers.

If your establishment requires the dispense of more than one type of mixture on a regular basis, then BOC Sureserve has a mixed dispense system option to suit you. This allows:

  • the ability to upgrade your dispense gas facilities as your business grows
  • the best, most advanced technology.

Dispense gas cylinders

At BOC we understand how important it is for you to focus on running your business, rather than struggling with gas cylinders. Our Sureserve team delivers full cylinders into your cellar, connects them up and removes the empties; leaving you more time to spend with your customers.

Suregas CO2 cylinders

Suregas CO2 is food-quality carbon dioxide which is ideal for dispensing soft drinks and beers. This gas is available in a range of cylinder sizes to suit different premises and different purposes. We provide all the gases you need to supply high-quality, bright, well-presented beers and soft drinks to keep your customers satisfied.

Cylinders for smaller outlets

In many food service outlets, it is sometimes necessary (and often more convenient) to fit CO2 cylinders under the counter. Our SB-sized standard cylinders weigh around 15kg and are specifically designed for this purpose. They dispense the contents of about ten standard 10-litre bag-in-box concentrate containers when used in a post-mix system. To make them easy to handle in confined spaces, SB cylinders are made from aluminium which combines lightness with strength. If your space is even more limited our Suregas E-size cylinder weighs approximately 7kg and will fit almost anywhere.

Cylinders to suit all traders

For businesses requiring larger quantities of CO2 or mixed gases, a more cost-effective option may be our large cylinders. These have up to five times the capacity of a standard cylinder.

Download the capacity and dispense volume of each cylinder

Liquid CO2 Tank

Carbon dioxide supplied as a liquid in a tank is ideal for the larger outlet. When you sell large quantities of beer or soft drinks, simply finding the space for enough standard carbon dioxide cylinders can be a problem.

The need to change and handle cylinders frequently can also cause irritating delays for your customers. The Liquid CO2 Tank is particularly cost-effective if you use more than eighteen 14lb carbon dioxide cylinders a month.

The tank is a floor-standing unit which makes providing CO2 for drinks a hassle-free operation. It is particularly suited to premises where there is consistently high demand for gas.


  • holds the equivalent of 32 traditional CO2 cylinders
  • liquid CO2 is regularly topped up by BOC tanker.


  • eliminates the need to store and handle large numbers of cylinders on site, ensuring a safer working environment
  • continuous supply - no need to worry about running out of gas.

Continuous CO2 supply

The Sureserve Liquid CO2 Tank is the perfect answer for large-volume gas users because:

  • it takes up a relatively small space
  • with no need to stock or handle cylinders you not only save space but also time and effort.

With a BOC Liquid CO2 Tank you don't have to worry about running out of gas.

Large Cylinder Packages

BOC large cylinder packages offer you greater capacity while reducing the number of cylinders in the cellar, therefore reducing clutter.

If you use more than eight standard cylinders of carbon dioxide or mixed gas each month, a large cylinder package will provide the capacity you need while saving you time, effort and money. Designed for high throughput dispensing, the large CO2 cylinders hold five times more gas than a standard cylinder.

In a large cylinder package, either two or four large cylinders of a single gas type are connected to your gas system through a manifold, providing the equivalent of 20 traditional gas cylinders.


  • holds from two to four large cylinders of a single gas
  • pours 25 pints per minute
  • simple cylinder changeover switch
  • no electricity supply needed.


  • reduced cylinders on site and less cylinder handling for a safer working environment
  • fast delivery of pints for maximum serving capacity at your busiest times
  • reduced gas wastage
  • saves you time and effort when changing over cylinders
  • no extra overheads.

Saves time and effort

One of the most convenient dispense systems available, a large cylinder package not only reduces cylinder costs but also saves you time and effort, because:

  • we deliver and connect the cylinders for you, so you don't have to worry about handling large cylinders
  • the system can be installed in your cellar or outside the building depending on space constraints or safety considerations (outdoor installations are secured in a safety cage)
  • easy operation - as cylinders become empty simply flip a lever to change to the next full one.

With a large cylinder package, you spend less time managing cylinders and more time serving customers.

Gasgen Bulk Gas Blender (BGB)

BOC Sureserve is the number one dispense gas supplier for a very good reason; we offer a complete range of gases and equipment to ensure the perfect pint every time.

The Gasgen dispense gas blender is aimed at the larger outlet.

Gasgen - the ultimate dispense gas solution

For large users of mixed gas, a Gasgen nitrogen generator is the ultimate dispense gas solution.

A Gasgen system gives you the high quality, reliable mixed-gas supply you need for faster beer dispense, reduced fobbing and consistent pint presentation.

With a Gasgen system you don't have to buy and store a variety of mixed gas cylinders.

Gasgen extracts pure nitrogen from the surrounding air and blends it with carbon dioxide from cylinders. This produces a number of different mixtures which are suitable for dispensing a wide variety of beverages.

The carbon dioxide can be used separately for soft drinks, and pure nitrogen can be used for line cleaning, driving pumps and blanketing cask-conditioned beers. 


  • a compact, automated system based on the latest Pressure Swing Adsorption technology
  • three gas mixtures
  • pours 20 pints per minute per blend
  • only a small CO2 cylinder required
  • pure nitrogen supply


  • continuous and hassle-free dispense of top quality pints
  • flexibility to dispense a wider range of beers from a single gas source
  • fast delivery of pints for maximum customer satisfaction and reduced wastage
  • fewer cylinders on site for a safer working environment
  • no need to buy nitrogen again 

Technology to help you

Gasgen uses BOC's world-class technology to extract nitrogen rapidly from the air and store it in low pressure vessels.

These are topped up continually as gas is drawn off so you always have a ready supply of nitrogen 'on tap' for combining with carbon dioxide for mixed gas dispense.

Designed for high-volume outlets, Gasgen has outlet flow rates of up to 20 litres per minute per blend. It can produce three mixtures and pour up to 20 pints per minute.

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SureBlend the easy mixed gas solution

Do you feel dispense gases are getting more complicated? With more beers requiring mixed gases for dispense, you may be finding that you now need to stock several different mixtures - which means more cylinders in the cellar and more frequent cylinder changes.

SureBlend gives you a cost-effective and efficient mixed gas system that uses only a few cylinders. It saves not only time and money, but also valuable cellar space.


  • three different mixtures
  • pours 20 pints per minute per gas mixture
  • only two gas types required - carbon dioxide and Suremix 30
  • fewer cylinders on site
  • no electricity supply needed.


  • a regular dependable supply of quality mixed gases
  • fast delivery of quality pints allowing you to spend more time serving customers and less time changing gas cylinders
  • extends your ability to serve a wider range of beers or run short-term promotions at no extra cost
  • no worries about which mixtures to stock, and no problem with staff connecting the wrong mixture and wasting beer
  • reduced cylinder handling means a safer working environment
  • no extra overheads.

Gas mixtures on tap

A SureBlend standard system provides all the mixtures you will ever need but uses only two types of gas:

  • Suregas (carbon dioxide) and
  • Suremix 30 (a 30% carbon dioxide / 70% nitrogen mixture).

This is a flexible system that can adapt to the growth of your business and allows you to take on or promote new beers at any time.

Suremix 30 is supplied directly from the cylinders but the system also blends a 50/50 and a 60/40 mix for you as well.

SureBlend Ultra

The standard SureBlend system is designed for small and medium-sized outlets.

SureBlend Ultra is the premier system in the SureBlend range and is more suitable for larger, high-volume outlets.

SureBlend Ultra works on the same mixed gas blending principles but has a greater capacity because it works from as many as four large cylinders at a time. A secondary regulator can be fitted to this system if you need CO2 for soft drinks dispense.

An additional advantage with SureBlend Ultra is the simple cylinder switch. With the flick of a lever you can change from empty to full cylinders - and never have to move the large cylinders.

Putting SureBlend to work

With the ever-increasing demand for a greater range of mixtures, a SureBlend system will cut out any confusion about which gases to stock and which ones to use for which beer.

With only two types of gas, each with a different valve connection, there is no possibility of connecting the wrong gas to the wrong line and spoiling the beer.

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