SOLVOX cone auxilliaries

Auxiliary equipment to boost the efficiency of SOLVOX cone and reduce energy consumption even further

SOLVOX® C Auxillaries

SOLVOX cone booster

SOLVOX® cone booster is an additional system to boost the oxygenation capacity of SOLVOX cones, allowing up to 50% higher oxygen dosing capacity.

SOLVOX cone booster uses a venturi nozzle system, flanged directly onto the cone’s water feed pipe, recirculating undissolved oxygen that collects in the top of the cone.

Installation can be performed without prolonged shutdown, therefore minimising any operational disturbance.



  • Oxygen-dosing capacity increased by up to 50%
  • No increase in water flow rate or energy consumption required
  • Can be installed during live operations
  • Energy consumption per kg of oxygen dissolved even lower

SOLVOX cone mixer

SOLVOX® cone mixer is a specially adapted nozzle unit used in combination with installations of the SOLVOX cone.

It is used when pressurised, high-oxygenated water from SOLVOX cone is returned to a water flow at a lower pressure. SOLVOX cone mixer makes it possible to mix water with high oxygen concentration into a main water flow, without degassing and reduced efficiency.

The unit is specially adapted for each project and installation and can be installed individually for each tank, or in the facility’s main water supply, providing basic oxygenation.

SOLVOX cone mixer is normally part of a complete fresh-water oxygenation solution.



  • Ideal complement for a complete SOLVOX cone installation
  • No risk of degassing
  • Greater oxygenation efficiency overall