SOLVOX ceramic diffuser

A high-performance, aluminium-housed oxygen dissolving solution

These ceramic dissolvers produce gas in the form of micro-bubbles that start dissolving at low pressure and can also help produce an aeration/stripping effect for unwanted gases.

It is designed with ultra-fine ceramic pores with a flat plate surface that produces uniform bubbles across the entire surface and minimises bubble coalescence.

The efficiency of ceramic diffusers varies with water depth, salinity and gas pressure/volume.

The main area of application for the SOLVOX® ceramic diffuser is to provide additional oxygen to individual tanks and raceways and for emergency oxygen supply.

SOLVOX ceramic diffusers are simple to install and use, retaining their efficiency if maintained as recommended.



  • No external energy supply required
  • Solution for emergency oxygenation (see also SOLVOX aquaculture hose)
  • Oxygenation when transporting live fish – reduced stress and mortality
  • Stripping of unwanted gases
  • Oxygenation and carbonation for anaesthetising/sedating fish.
SOLVOX ceramic diffuser data sheet