SOLVOX aquaculture hose

Transferring pure oxygen through diffuser hoses without the need for an external energy supply.

In the SOLVOX® aquaculture hose process, oxygen is transferred into the water through perforated diffuser hoses in the form of very fine bubbles.

The SOLVOX oxygenation hose is fixed onto a support or a rack which is placed at the bottom of a tank and because no auxiliary energy is required for operation it can be used as an emergency oxygenation system and can generate significant cost savings, especially for medium-deep to deep tanks.

When oxygen is supplied, the pores of the diffuser hose open. The emerging fine gas bubbles ensure optimum oxygen utilisation.

When no further oxygenation is required, the supply of oxygen can be closed off resulting in the pores closing – preventing ingress of water and dirt particles.

The hose is highly resistant to UV, and will therefore not become brittle due to sunlight exposure.



  • Low investment cost
  • No external energy supply required
  • High flexibility of oxygen transfer
  • Fast and easy installation, even in filled tanks
  • Easy adaptation to any tank shape
  • High oxygen utilisation in medium-deep to deep water
  • No clogging of pores, even after long periods of non-operation
  • Maintenance-free
  • Silent, environmentally friendly operation
SOLVOX-B Data Sheet