SOLVOX click hose kit

A unique system for installing emergency diffuser hoses in fish farming tanks

SOLVOX® click hose kit system is available in two different heights and comes with optional installation kits for multiple surface materials.

SOLVOX click hose kit has been developed to meet the demand for a standardized emergency oxygen system in fish farming tanks. The smooth surface, with no sharp edges, minimizes the risk of fish injuries and prevents fouling. To avoid catching fish, the click hose kit comes in two different heights to suit different fish sizes.

The click hose kit is designed for optimal installation of the aquaculture hose, leveled horizontally and with no sharp bends.

The system is designed for fast and easy installation. The click hose kit is flexible and also works with angled tank bases. It has a quick-connect system for SOLVOX aquaculture hose. Due to the choice of mounting options, it is applicable to a wide range of surface materials.

The system is compatible with saline water, high levels of dissolved oxygen, UV light, strong chemical disinfection, detergent agents and ozone.

SOLVOX® click hose kit


  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • No sharp edges
  • Smooth surface finish for minimal bacterial growth
  • Corrosion-resistant materials.
SOLVOX click hose kit data sheet