SOLVOX dosing cabinet

Aligning oxygen supply with demand to maintain constant oxygen levels in fish tanks

The SOLVOX® dosing cabinet is designed specifically to keep tank oxygen levels as constant as possible to help optimise fish growth.

With oxygen consumption constantly changing, due to variables such as stocking density, feeding regime and temperature, differing flow rates can be pre-set via dosing valves for each condition.

Emphasis is placed on its simple and flexible construction, with the option to modularly expand the cabinet. For a reliable and safe operation, an emergency oxygenation function can be integrated as an additional feature: in case of a power breakdown, solenoid valves will open automatically.

As oxygen supply is critical for the welfare and safety of the fish, it is advisable to have a backup solution in place to cover all eventualities. The dosing cabinet can be integrated with these emergency oxygen supplies such as compressed oxygen in cylinders or manifold cylinder packs.



  • Ease of use
  • Oxygen flow rates individually pre-set for different conditions
  • Modular design for easy expansion
  • Integrated emergency oxygenation function
SOLVOX dosing cabinet data sheet