SOLVOX oxycloud

Based on patented and renowned microbubble technology

The oxygenation unit has a high capacity, despite its compact size. SOLVOX® oxycloud is designed to oxygenate large volumes of sea water. The unit can be mounted on the system inlet pipe or directly against the side wall or bottom of a tank.

The device produces a cloud of oxygen microbubbles that are effectively dissolved in the water using a minimum of energy. The microbubbles created by SOLVOX oxycloud have low rising velocity. This extends the bubble residence time in the water. Combined with the large surface-to-volume ratio, this increases the oxygen dissolution efficiency – even at low pressures.

SOLVOX oxycloud has up to 100% efficiency. For optimal oxygen efficiency, we recommend the use of oxygen at purity > 99.5%. The use of oxygen at lower purity can reduce the dissolving efficiency and potentially result into super-saturation of nitrogen in the process water.

SOLVOX® oxycloud


  • Compact design
  • Large oxygen capacity
  • Low power demand
  • Tailored installation designs
  • Removes nitrogen from the water.
SOLVOX oxycloud data sheet