LIV IQ Digital Therapy Device

A portable gas delivery system with an integrated valve and digital display

LIV IQ therapy device
The live gauge indicates therapy device contents, even when the device is not turned on

The LIV IQ therapy device has a digital display including live contents gauge, selected flow rate, visible and audible warning signals and remaining treatment time.

This intelligent therapy device from BOC Healthcare calculates the remaining time according to the gas content in the device and the selected flow rate. The result is shown on a large and clear digital display which indicates device content, selected flow rate and time remaining for patient treatment.

The LIV IQ therapy device is currently available on the Oxygen IQX package (101-IQX).


  • Safety: Audible and visual alerts advise of issues with the gas supply, allowing clinical staff to focus on the patient 
  • Maximises gas usage: treatment  time remaining shown in hours and minutes
  • Convenience: live content gauge displayed even when therapy device is not in use.

‘At a glance’ digital display

  • Live gauge indicates therapy device contents, even when the device is not turned on
  • Easy-to-read digital gauge indicating therapy device content
  • Time remaining displayed in hours and minutes
  • Selected flow rate is shown in the digital display
  • Visible and audible warning signals.

Other product features

  • Integrated regulator which eliminates the costs of buying and maintaining separate equipment
  • Easy to use handwheel eliminating the need for a cylinder key
  • Product-specific Schrader pressure outlet to ensure correct gas delivered
  • Clear product labelling to avoid selecting the wrong gas
  • 12 flow settings to cover a range of clinical settings.

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