Reclaim, Recovery & Waste Management

Minimising the environmental impact of used refrigerants

Reclaim & recovery services are designed to minimise the environmental impact of used refrigerants. Recovery services avoid the release of used refrigerant into the atmosphere, while reclaim services allow the re-use of existing refrigerants, thereby avoiding the need to manufacture new refrigerant molecules.

BOC has always promoted the recovery and, where possible, the reclamation and reuse of refrigerants. We offer a range of recovery cylinders to allow the safe collection of used refrigerants and avoid their release into the atmosphere. BOC also offers a range of additional recovery services, including the collection of greater volumes of products in larger containers.

Once recovered, we offer waste management services to ensure that the refrigerant is destroyed in an environmentally friendly manner. In many locations, we can also carry out reclaim of the recovered refrigerants which involves bringing the product back to an "as-new" specification, such as AHRI 700 or a similar standard.

Recovery Cylinders

BOC has a fully-licensed and compliant recovery and reclaim operation.

We can dispose of refrigerant in every package size, from small cylinders to drums and tankers.

We have a UK-wide delivery and collection service and over 70 trade outlets across the country.

We also provide a stress-free administration service when it comes to consignment note requirements.

When Recovering Refrigerants


  • fully complete the consignment note prior to collection.
  • put the right product in the right cylinder.
  • identify that the cylinder you are using is suitable for that refrigerant.
  • use the right recovery equipment.
  • ensure the recovery equipment is clean and free of contaminants.


  • mix refrigerants, especially if you are requiring a credit.
  • overfill cylinders as this may incur penalties. Please note: suppliers are obliged to notify the Environment Agency of any companies continuing this dangerous practice.

Recovery Cylinder Range

Recovery cylinders are used when the refrigerant in a system is no longer required and needs returning for reclamation or destruction.

Product code Cylinder size Max. fill weight
155626-RBX RBZ 9kg
333100-RKZ RKZ 48kg
155878-LT LT (Drum) 737kg

Decant Cylinder Range

Decant cylinders are suitable when it is necessary to temporarily remove a refrigerant from a system and then reuse the refrigerant. This usually occurs during mechanical maintenance.

Product code Cylinder size Max. fill weight
153704-DAX DAX 9kg
333106-DKZ DKZ 48kg
159181-DD DD (drum) 737kg

Flammable Recovery and Flammable Decant packages

For use with R1234yf, R545A, R454B, R454C, R452B, R455A, R32, R446A, R447A, R447B.

Product code Cylinder size Max. fill weight
333111-RAZ RAZ 8kg
333111-RKZ RKZ 48kg
333114-DAZ DAZ 8kg
333114-DKZ DKZ 48kg

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