Speciality Gases Submicron Filters

For the removal of particles from high purity speciality gas streams

Submicron filters are used in high purity environments to remove particles from gas streams and to protect downstream equipment.


- Particle removal down to 0.01µm. Protects downstream equipment from particulate
- Inlet pressures to 345 bar
- For use with gases up to purity grade N6 (99.9999%)
- High flow capacity with low-pressure drop
- Replaceable borosilicate glass elements
- Stainless steel housing
- In-line or T configuration (T allows replacement of element without disturbing inlet/outlet connections)
- Available with a wide range of connections, or incorporated into a regulator assembly.


Housing: 316 Stainless steel
Seat: PTFE
Seals: Viton
Filter element: Borosilicate glass membrane with fluorocarbon binder
Operating temperature: -40°C to +93°C
Weight (approx): FBL = 0.3kg.  FBT = 0.4kg
Dimensions: FBL: 32x79mm. FBL: 40 x 100mm.

Models available

BOC offers two submicron filters -

The FBL in-line filter or the FBT with a T configuration.

Model Max.Inlet Pressure (bar) Efficiency


FBL (In-line)

345 bar
99.99% at 0.01 µm


FBT (T configuration)

345 bar
99.99% at 0.01 µm


How to order

ALWAYS specify gas or mixture to be used 

  1. select model FBL / FTB
  2. select connections 1/4" NPT (F), 1/4" compression