Pressure Regulators

BOC has a range of pressure regulators specifically designed for speciality gases

Single Stage Cylinder Regulators

Single-stage regulators are ideal for applications where there is only small inlet pressure variation during the period of use, for gases with low cylinder pressures or in applications where there is further pressure control downstream of the cylinder regulator. Inlet pressures to 300 bar, and outlet ranges from 0 – 1bar to 0-35bar.

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Two Stage Cylinder Regulators 

Two-stage regulators achieve accurate pressure control through two stages of pressure reduction. They are ideal in situations where there will be significant inlet pressure variation during the period of use, and where very stable outlet pressures are required. Inlet pressures to 300 bar, and outlet ranges from 0 – 0.7bar to 0-17bar.

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High Delivery Pressure Regulators

Regulators designed to provide delivery pressures up to 172bar.

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In-Line Regulators

A line or point-of-use regulator is used downstream of the initial pressure reduction to control the final pressure of the gas. The range includes high-flow capacity models for use in distribution systems and smaller point-of-use regulators.

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Heated Regulators

Regulators recommended for higher flowrates of CO2 (up to 30 lpm) and N20. The regulator is electrically heated and reduces cooling effects, which can impair regulator performance, due to ice formation.

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Low Delivery Pressure Regulators

Regulators with delivery pressure ranges down to 5 mbar.

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Semi-Conductor Range

Ultra-clean, low particulate regulators and valves designed to meet the stringent requirements of the semiconductor industry.

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Absolute Pressure Regulator

Suitable for high-purity applications and can control pressure down to 2 psi absolute.

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Low Volume Regulators

To minimise internal volume, these regulators do not have gauges or valves and are intended for very specific analytical applications.

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MOT Test Gas Regulator

An adjustable flow regulator, for supplying MOT emission test gas as part of the calibration of equipment for vehicle MOT testing.

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Food Fresh Regulators

A range of regulators specifically for use with food fresh gases, both pures and mixtures.

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Laser Gas Regulators

A range of regulators specifically for gases to be used with lasers. Suitable for both pures and mixtures.

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Preset Flow Regulator

This regulator is designed for gas sensor calibration applications where a set flow rate to atmospheric pressure is required.

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